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  1. Sustain pedal

    i had the same problem with the Yamaha foot pedal, and i solved it by opening the pedal, and reversing the contact blade inside the switch, so that instead of the blade pressing on it and making it closed, it stayed away from it, and turned it into an open switch. I wouldn't recomend this procedure, since it's risky, and you can damage the plastic housing that holds the contact blade and the rest of the switch together, so be warned. But in case you wanna try this before buying another pedal, i can open it up again, and take some pictures of it later today (when i get home).
  2. XW-P1 editor in Windows 8?

    ok, after spending a few days with the issue, i unplugged all my USB devices, performed a driver clean-up to remove all the disconnected drivers, and now the XW-P1 is properly recognized by the editor again. So all IS peachy indeed . Thanks!
  3. XW-P1 editor in Windows 8?

    Thanks Mike! All works peachy now. L.E. - all is not yet peachy (as i've previously posted); after five minutes of fiddling with the editor, i restarted it, and it does not seem to detect the Xw-P1 anymore. In the preference page, there is a red " failed to connect to XW-P1" message, next to the auto search check-box. Also, if uncheck the auto search box, the Casio does not appear in the list of devices, although it is listed in Device manager without any conflict... I've read somewhere there is a limit of USB devices that can be accessed, so i'll try unplugging a few of my other HDDs and whatnot, and see if it's some sort of resource issue, and get back. Thanks a lot for the friendly support you guys are offering!
  4. XW-P1 editor in Windows 8?

    I've tried all possible modes (win 8 has compatibility mode), still to no avail
  5. XW-P1 editor in Windows 8?

    Hey guys, i just upgraded to Windows 8 64bit (from Windows 7 64bit), and the Data Editor crashes every time i start it, while in Win7 it worked all right. What gives? Is there some compatibility issue that i was supposed to know about ? L.E. - i also saw that on the Casio site there is supposed to be a new version of the editor available (, but after downloading it, the splash screen (the only thing that shows before the program crashes) still shows
  6. using the XW-P1 as a controller

    Thanks for your help Mike! Now there's another thing i'm trying to figure out : sending MIDI bank / patch change CCs to an externat module. I noticed that when pressing the INC/DEC buttons, that actually does change the sounds on the GM compatible banks, and i need it to switch to the specific bank/patch i set in the EDIT page. Am i doing something wrong ?
  7. using the XW-P1 as a controller

    so noone has tried that kind of setup (controlling external synth modules using the XW-P1 as a master controller) ?
  8. Hey guys, Is there any way to have "on the fly" control over the 4 zones ? Like control which zone is active at a specific time, maybe use the step sequencer buttons as switches ? Also : can the faders act in such a way that they transmit CC07 on each zone? (fader 1 -> CC07 for Zone1; Fader 2-> CC07 for Zone2, and so forth). I tried looking in the mixer settings, but in that mode the faders control the part volumes, but not the zones and more, whenever moving a fader, that part gets soloed, and the other parts muted. I found a way to make the knobs control the volumes for each zone, but i'd love using the faders instead, and leave the knobs for other stuff I'm trying to include the XW-P1 in my current setup, which includes a few other modules, and i can't find a way to make the XW-P1 fit in with the rest... Thanks a lot for your help!