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  1. Interesting AlenK! My bench is ajustable and at 6'3" tall, I could endure (welcome) a small amount of elevation. But it is mostly the pedals (damper, soft and sustain) elevation that I am worried about being confortable to use without creating new problems (foot or ankle tendonitis). Perhaps the sexy carpet matt under foot might then become handy (footy). But so much for the look Definitely worth exploring and for the cost/benefit to provide peace and silence for my neighbour is more than worth the try! Thank you for your response and suggestion AlenK!!
  2. Anyone? I only posted here as our respective AP models come in a cabinet that might trasmit more vibrations to the floor than an X stand for portable units. Will cross-post hoping to find a solution that might also benefit others. And I know there is... I know this cause I'm Fred Garvin... MP
  3. Hello fellow musicians, It finally happened as I have been practicing my piano (AP-650) for over a year at night while using headphones : the neighbour downstairs complained about the thumping noise (not connected to any foot tapping as I am very cautious about the noise that would generate at night). My piano is resting two inches away from the wall on a pine wood floor. Our apartment complex is poorly isolated. The neighbour's kitchen is standing directly under my piano so the sound carries through the floor structure to the neighbour's downstairs adjacent bedroom. For now, I am neither looking into moving entirely to another apartment or moving my piano from one room to another as a preferred solution. I have surfed quite a bit for some solution on the Internet but found nothing conclusive. I am aware that the ideal final solution should be a mixed and shared one. For my neighbour : some type of white noise to cover any unwelcomed other low-end noise, ear plugs or... move to another far and distant galaxy! For me : isolation pads, thick rubber rug, sorbothane, ensolite and eggcrate foams as underlayments, tennis balls, noise reduction headphones to no longer hear her banging on her kitchen ceiling, etc. Does anyone have a proven solution that they kindly can share? I need to keep a good and sound relationship with my neighbour. Yet, I will not stop myself from practicing in the evening as my work days oblige me to do so (as much for lack of time, relax & pleasure time and the need to keep sound mental health habits). Thank you in advance, Fred Garvin
  4. No sound coming out of speakers

    Hello Brad and to all curious, Reporting a week later on my issue. I finally tried as suggested by Brad the compressed air from a can (after unsuccessfully trying the vacuum cleaner out of misplaced impatience). The speakers are now working fine without any glitchy sound or partial impedance performance. I am somewhat wary that this might only be temporary as I believe that everything happens for a reason, but this has been a full week now so, touch wood (knock on wood for my fellow USA friends) . That is if the cabinet of the AP-650 is genuine wood Hopefully this will last. Otherwise, I will be back as a lesser happy camper. But until then, Again, thank you Brad for your prompt response!
  5. No sound coming out of speakers

    This was apparent fix was unfortunately short-lived. The issue is back this morning. But this time, it is intermittent... well for the short two minutes that I tried it; the sound came back on but by glitching first on & off and at some point, with somewhat a static sound before/as it switches on. Also, as one might have experienced with an old pair of headphones, the sound came out intermittently thinner and then fuller (with greater impedance as if two of the four speakers suddenly switched on). So here are my newest questions : 1) is the headphone jacks the only place on the unit that can potentially malfunction in such a manner (to the best of your knowledge) ? 2) could it have to do with a faulty connection to the cabinet speakers (probably unlikely as some sound still should come out of the smaller keyboard internal speakers) ? 3) should this problem be related exclusively to the headphone jacks, would it be better advised for me to use a vacuum cleaner to hopefully suck in whatever might have been interfering with the switch contacts OR would it be preferable that I use canned compressed air (as used for computer keyboards) without the risk of damaging anything ? Many thanks in advance for any educated responses.
  6. No sound coming out of speakers

    Thanks Brad . And thank you for your quick response. I was aware that the use of the jack cuts off the speaker connection. And I had already tried to plug/unplug headphones (about 4 to 5 times) but without any results Just came back home tonight and after reading your suggestion, I was going to try plugging/unplugging about 20 times. I just switched the AP-650 on (forgot to try a note first) and just blew air from my mouth into the jacks. Low & behold, the speakers worked at the first note that I played... So I'm not sure if it could be dust, the result of a poor connection inside the jack unit or some crazy glitch. But something tells me that might not be the last time I am confronted to this problem. I have never moved the unit except for passing the vacuum cleaner. And as suggested earlier, I have always been very, very careful and gentle when plugging or unplugging the headphones. I will report sometime later as a follow-up out of simple courtesy for anyone curious. In the meantime, do not hesitate to suggest anything that might help or secure my use of the speakers. Until then cheers
  7. Greetings to all, My AP-650 is now approx. one year old. This morning, it failed to produce any sound from the speakers. Yet, it delivers as normal when using headphones (without speakers as intended when phones are in use). Having read in the past on this forum that some had issues with the headphone jacks, I have always been particularly careful when plugging & unplugging headphones. The jacks do seem still very sturdy in fact. Any idea what I should look at to resolve this problem? Thank you in advance
  8. EUREKA!! Thanks to you Joe, the *DING* is no more Well at least as soon as I save this parameter correctly. In essence, I now get the sound of a classical mechanical wind-me-up metronome. Which is a milestone compared to what I had to endure from the nagging DING!!! bell. Yet, I remain bewildered at the fact that I still cannot create/program such a simple thing. All the desired sounds are readily available in my AP-650 as it is the case with the PX-350 and the PX-780 (my bad about thinking the «Rhythm Accompaniment» and the « User Rhythms» were also available with the AP-700 as well as other Celviano and Privia boards). The User Guide makes it ALMOST TOO SIMPLE to achieve. Or maybe, just maybe, it’s just me? Out of hard-headedness, I will keep on trying to achieve this and if I do, I will post & share the solution... until then, all help would be greatly appreciated should any savvy owners of the PX-350, PX-780 or AP-650 have an idea how to better interpret (read DECODE) the USER GUIDE to reach this goal. Cheers!
  9. Greetings to all, Has anyone had the urge to create a metronome other than the one provided with our AP (or most PX for that matter)? As I am mostly a beginner both at learning the basics of piano and venturing into the possibilities offered by my AP-650, I need to practice my Muzio Clementi part with a metronome as requested by my piano teacher. But the AP (and/or PX) metronome (especially the *DING*) is driving me literally UP the walls. Has anyone programmed/created a metronome sound from the rhythms section (into a “User Rhythm) for the same reason that I am hoping to achieve: use a friendly non-abrasive metronome sound that can be recorded on the USB flash key as I wish to report via Internet to my piano teacher with a wav (or MP3 once transformed) file of the part (Muzio) accompanied by the friendly metronome creation. This metronome rhythm could simply be “Wood Block” in 8 beat rhythm accentuated/punctuated by an effect such as reverb, different pitch (if possible) or simply greater volume. I have been reviewing the user manual for several minutes (read hours) and venturing in trying to achieve this goal but without any foreseeable success. Can anyone here (Casio AP/PX tech-savvy friend) please help hoping this might come in handy to others as well? Many thanks in advance. Fred
  10. Belated thank you Scott !! Although I forgot to report back, the app in question does work (worked during latest trial) very well. It is just unfortunate that I do not use it (yet) o_0 All in due time :-) Need to concentrate on the essential... practice, practice and more practice.
  11. Greetings to all! Has anyone been successful in using ​the iPhone/iPad ModWheels app with the AP-650? I am​ presently looking into purchasing the AP-650 over the PX-780 based on achieving better quality piano sound aside from the basic engine provided with both DP. Living in Canada, I cannot yet afford the PX-560 (on top of my wish-list) in its bundled versions. The AP-650 lacks the pitch bend wheel provided with the PX-780. Should I use the AP-650 as a controller with a VST (GarageBand for instance), the use of ModWheels would be a nice-to-have. Finally, I was wondering if the app might have any effet on the internal tones of the AP-650. As you might have alrea​dy figured out, I am a newbie here Thanks in advance ​for any advice.