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  1. PX-130 MIDI issues

    Thank you Brad! The trouble was, when I plugged my usb in, I thought I needed to function USB mode to get it to connect. Turns out it naturally connects in MIDI mode without touching anything . I didn't know because it doesn't appear on my computer anywhere, but it showed in Synthesia! Best Wishes and Thanks!
  2. PX-130 MIDI issues

    HI! I have the Privia PX-130 and I am trying to connect my keyboard to my MacBook Pro running OSX 10.10.5 Yosemite. When I enter USB mode, a drive appears in my finder called "Piano" and holds three folders that include "MUSICLIB" "RECORDER" and "STATELOG". I want to use the program Synthesia with it, but the Synthesia program does not show my piano in the devices menu. I am unsure whether this is an issue with my Piano itself, my mac software, or the synthesia program and am seeking advice as to what steps I could take to find out which and solve the issue. Thank you!