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  1. The XW-P1 Companion

    thank you very much for this amazing detailed work
  2. i think i know what you want to do. maybe. its how ive been fooling around with my xwp1 . i do it in sequence mode. i first pick my tones and then move over to sequence mode pick the pattern i want to play. i can then roll through the eight patterns and play the tone i have picked along with the sequence patterns. this is how ive been gettting to know the preprogrammed sequence patterns. i havent written any of my own yet. i had to giggle a bit with the classical sequences but they were fun. i think performance mode is set up for a larger grouping of sequences and sounds you can create....well its different. im going to have to research it more.
  3. A newbie with some questions

    The videos mike made on the step sequencer are brilliant. He makes so much of this machine make sense. Wonderful. How did anyone ever do anything before you tube is beyond me. Every night I play this , I have a day job, I am always going ,that is friggin cool sounds. Thanks mike
  4. performance mode noob question

    thankyou brad i asked for it
  5. okay i was playing around last night with performance mode. trying to hear whats there and i would hit the sequencer to hear what pattern played along with the chosen performance. i am not sure of how this is all built in the xp im getting that its complex. so far i understand we have parts and tones and sequences all which can be edited and recorded to make your own performance. i notice most of the performances are in c minor or e flat . so heres my question my next step is to build my own performance. say i like the groove of the built in performance but not the key!!! how can i dissasemble the performance mode or edit the key and chord arrangement to build my own? Or am i misunderstanding performance mode? maybe its the sequenceer that is playing the chords?? ya probably so i guess i need a breakdown of the parts and how to make my own. can i change the key chords in the sequencer that plays with the performance??? wow im like a rabbit chasing its tail sometimes.... thanks for your patience. i am so enjoying this machine
  6. Creating chains

    jokeyman that was a amazing answer. i was just fooloing around last night with the sequencer and looked at that chain button and i went hmmmm? im going to have to try that.
  7. A newbie with some questions

    Yes perseverance. Well yesterday I sat and worked out the phrase sequencer and had a blast. I keep looking at this machine going huh you can do that really! It's great. I am loving the sounds and I must say as a self taught pianist this is a great tool for working on my piano playing skills. It is sweet to set up a phrase tune or just go through a phrase sequence and work on my right hand leads. I have been sifting through all the very helpful videos and I am feeling great about this buy. Thanks all
  8. What Genre of Music?

    I'm a singer songwriter I always like having a good ep sound behind my guitar and a good piano but I love pads and soft synth leads. The px5s was on my list but I got the xwp1 because of the jam factor. The extra of the drawbar organ sounds and the fun factor. It is fun and a great tool for helping create new sounds to work with.
  9. A newbie with some questions

    Thank you all, I didn't mean to be taxing with these questions. I didn't even look at the faq before I posted I didn't know where it was. Thank you for pointing it out very helpful. Holy smokes there are a lot of videos that is great. I teach guitar lessons to kids and am always pointing them toward YouTube for help. I should have known. I spent a great deal of time with the xw last night and am enjoying it greatly. I found how to change the drum patterns. I'm loving the iPad spot for my mouse when I recording to my daw. It's a very nice addition to my studio set up.
  10. Hello all, I just received my new xwp1 ,thank you Amazon, yesterday and I am having a lot of fun today as I have the day off work and here I go. I bought this without trying it in the store as it is nowhere near me, and I trusted the videos and views. So far so good. It's replacing my old roland jv35. I thought about getting a px5s but then thought I old enjoy the challenge and extras of th xwp1. It's a different beast. So here goes with a few questions. How do I change the drum patterns of the sequencer? 2. How do I record parts without the phrase sequencer, that is just record layers of my own playing? 3.can I quickly go back and forth between the original tone and my changes to the tone? This would allow me to compare the changes I made vs the original tone. Anyway thanks for your reviews as soon as I get something decent recorded I'll post my efforts . I'll post my own review in a day or two.