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  1. Lyrics wanted Has anybody seen it?
  2. To those who own CDP series instrument. I suspect that CDP may have more voices than available through buttons. If CDP built on some standard MIDI chip - it is likely that it has at least 128 GM instruments in it. To check whether my assumption is correct use any DAW and try to adjust program parameter. If anybody will try this(or already tried) please share your results
  3. Just saw it on Fry's web-site. Clearance for PD-1 and DJ-1.
  4. You can get a used (in excellent conditions ) Roland FA 08 for ~$1200 or FA 06 for ~900. Which is not arranger at all, but it is a real workstation. MOXF 08 and 06 at the same price range as FA. Korg Krome provides the same level as FA and MOXF. If you care only about quality and price (and do not need a piano keyboard) look at used Korg Kronos 06 (that would above your badget). For arranges all Korg PA line is great or Roland BK 3 through 9. Yamaha MOTIF XS rack another good option as an arranger and as a workstation. etc... As a sampler - Roland SP-404SX can be a stand-alone solution.
  5. Since your are buying a brand new one I can recommend to check Roland FP-30, Kawai ES 110 and Korg Kross 2 88 (! same price range). Let know what is better in your opinion.
  6. B to B usb casio equipment connectivity

    Leon Little , How is it going?
  7. B to B usb casio equipment connectivity

    I am not sure what is PD. However in order to connect one instrument to another one, use MIDI - 5 pin DIN / 5 pin DIN. If there is only B-USB and no 5 pin MIDI jack. I would try to use USB to MIDI converter and still MIDI to MIDI cable.
  8. B to B usb casio equipment connectivity

    Seems like you need MIDI to MIDI 5Din.
  9. Morning Rituals.

    ritual vs repertoire My day always starts from going through my repertoire. That is my warm-up routine.( takes quite some time:) )