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  1. I use FA-08 to control PX-360. Actually I use fully reversed MIDI connection (IN to OUT and OUT to IN) to control any of the units from the another one. FA-08 is a very open system.
  2. Just curious. How many channels are available on CDP ? Only one or maybe it has hidden 15 more channels. For instance PX-has set of standard parameters such as Attack, Release, Cutoff, Resonance and more actively available. I can control them from external controller or software. At the same time PX does not provide access to these parameters from its own UI.
  3. Just curious, at what second did you stop listening?
  5. There is what I get for PX 730 online. Pedal Board and Pedal Assembly are discontinued. However there is Casio 91087980620 Pedal Unit which may work for you. Piano is such thing everyone shall want to spend a fortune for ( If for any reason you still do not have it)
  6. There is what I get for PX 730 online. Hopefully you can find what you need. Pedal Board and Pedal Assembly are discontinued. However there is Casio 91087980620 Pedal Unit which may work for you.
  7. I can try if you provide step by step description.
  8. Have not heard any new hit of yours for long time
  9. Jokeyman123 - did you consider an option to start your own musical academy? It is pointless to study music without desire. It is pointless to perform below your level. It is hopeless to burn your desire to perform for nothing while a teacher does not pay any attention to your talant. I think all this you can easily meet at any school. The major problem of the school - it cannot afford to have individual approach for each student in every subject not just in music. From my experience kids succeed at disciplines which they develop independently from school.
  10. Regardless the fact that your question off the subject for this thread . I can recommend to use soundcloud, musescore, reverbnation and youtube. Upload your piece then look for "Share". Click "Share" and follow instructions. In common case you need to copy paste the link referencing to the subject you want to share.
  11. Everyone has its own personal approach on this subject. I will share my. 1) Find a good store near you - something like Guitar Center, Sweet Water or Kraft Music. Those stores provide very decent returning policy (45-60 days). Regardless of your chose order from them (whether they have it at your location or not). You can buy online but in my experience every-time I buy at the store I get 15-20% discount which is normally not available online. 2) Selecting instrument. I consider only Kawai, Kurzweil, Yamaha, Korg, Casio, Roland. 2.1 Action - Look for 88 weighted keys with hammer action. Yamaha entry level like P45 -115 declare they have hammer action however to me it feels more like a spring-action (not a hammer at all) It is impossible without experience to make judgment about this subject. Roland has a unique feature - "escapement" which can be experienced on acoustic piano ( actually it is a disadvantage of acoustic keyboards - less escapement better quality of the keyboard) Kawai has 12 levels of velocity - I think it is the best overall. Another big difference is a level of mechanical noise - Privia and CDP are noisiest keys from the list of brands above. Roland is the most silent ( I do not know about Kawai and Kurzweil ). 3) Grand Piano sound - Privia is the champion in this category(for now) unless you are willing to spend $3000-4000+ for flagship models of any listed brands + Nord and Hammond. At the reasonable price you will probably have to choose between silent keyboard(Roland) and best sound of grand piano(Privia). If you decide to go with with Casio ignore CDP-130 start at least from PX 160. x60 line are the latest models. On Roland side start from anything with weighted 88 hammer action keys. Yamaha I cannot recommend but there are a lot of fans of it - start from P-115 . Korg - entry level is Korg SP-280, Korg B1SP 88,Korg LP180 88 Kawai which makes great instruments - I like MP 7 ($1700) MP 11($2500) Kawai makes a lot of different pianos of all kinds. P.S. This can keep going forever A couple of things I would like to add: a. For lessons it can be critical to have USB-MIDI(and Direct-MIDI for integrating with other hardware). b. If digital piano sold without triple pedal unit make sure that it can be extended with it later.
  12. Reverbnation: Youtube: SoundCloud: Score :
  13. "ANOTHER DAY IN ..." by B#
  14. Do not forget to mention that for the extended warranty (provided by the factory) the keyboard must be registered on casio web-site. My has only 3 years not 5, and the default option is only one year.