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  1. "ANOTHER DAY IN ..." by B#
  2. Do not forget to mention that for the extended warranty (provided by the factory) the keyboard must be registered on casio web-site. My has only 3 years not 5, and the default option is only one year.
  3. There is online service I am using it for two and a half years. At present just started level 6 (highest on the main course) as a hint can say completion of every lesson at 100% helps a lot. I am very impressed on how well this course is designed in terms of progression from level to level.
  4. Thanks. It is almost perfect. There suppose to be a roll at the end of the second part( not a blocked one ). I did not pay attention first at it. I am working on managing the whole thing now on slower keyboard. It is a fun project. It would be great to hear you playing. Something tells me that you are playing good. I was thinking about making some videos. About talent, i am confident that most of people are capable to get at this level. It is(the level) actually 6 out of 18. There is a lot of room to improve(advance). Thanks again. It is a pleasure to hear such comments.
  5. There are several sampling modes available, see EN 12, 13, 16 of the manual. As far as I can see there is no MIDI recording capabilities at all. Some audio recording is implemented as sampling.
  6. Comments about the keys action. I have two full piano keyboards PX 360 and FA 08. While practicing this piece(sonata see above). I have found that it is much easier to play on PX since it has faster keys. My initial though was that FA keys are just slower and this is a disadvantage of it against PX (FA comes with Fatar keyboard as far as I know) . As I kept coming back and forth between PX and FA I started noticing that FA keyboard forces me to use (develop) better technique (cleaner movements, better rhythm feel). PX in these terms is more forgiving to imperfections. Just wanted to share this unexpected discovery I have found. It gets more and more interesting since following musical pieces will require higher skills ( I am talking about 100% completion at level 6 on PianoMarver ). Will see who of us three will advance further, me and PX or I and FA
  7. guitar 12 strings in px 5s

    Just in case I have a real 12 strings guitar. Feel free to borrow it any time
  8. Your PX is acting wrong. Make sure that Privia is disconnected from any external equipment (unplug usb, all MIDI cables and pedals). Restart the piano. If the problem persists( non-stop sustain) contact the store where you purchased the instrument or Casio customer support.
  9. Lesson PianoMarvel Casio PX-360
  10. NAMM 2017: Shear Electronics Relic-6 Analog Poly
  11. 1) The Study of Orchestration Book by Samuel Adler 2) Principles of Orchestration (Rimsky-Korsakov, Nikolay),_Op.5_(Steinberg,_Maksimilian)
  12. Rotation 3 Grand piano - Casio PX 360, Violin, Bassoon, Oboe, Fantasia - Rolnad FA 08 Tenor Sax - Studio One Effects - Studio One Recorded and mastered on Tascam EX-08 Composer & performer - Sergey Slyutov
  13. If your reply addressed to me. Brand new Privia has much noisier mechanics than Roland (In the same time Privia keys are faster than Roland RD or FA). There is no service that can change it. Casio may put some effort to improve this parameter and build long lasting mechanically silent keyboard. Just a note. I would think twice before sending working instrument for service. There are very few service centers. There is a yelp for the nearst one (nearst for me ) :