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  1. 1)If it still works on another computer ...
  2. From this log. The system does not get vendor id. I assume that 07CF is the CASIO vendor ID. This more looks like a hardware (firmware) failure. If that is true more likely it is a subject for a repair , since normally firmware cannot be programmed on the customer's side.
  3. In Device Manager I see my PX in the list of Software Devices as two entries of CASIO USB-MIDI. FL - Options->Settings on tab MIDI you should see it there. FL, Studio One and others - they all show it as CASIO USB-MIDI. There are no unknown devices in the USB section of device manager when PX connected to the computer. I checked it on Windows 10
  4. I do not have a straight answer for you. Since keyboard is recognized by other computers - there is nothing wrong with it. I have a few guesses. 1) Try to connect to different USB port on your computer. 2) Once the keyboard is connected to the computer try to update the driver through the control panel. 3) Check whether all Windows updates are installed on you machine.
  5. What model do you use? If your instrument has class compliant USB MIDI controller then there is no need to install any third party driver, Windows already has it. Did you try to ask Casio customer support?
  6. It could be reasonable to enable option of creating a new sub-topics at least when the number of posts reaches certain value. Some threads by default need this option some don't. Also a creator of a root-topic should be able to move/re-group sub-topics and posts within the tree of that topic.
  7. CDP-130 to my ears has totally different sound than PX-x60 ( I expect PX-x50 has the same quality as PX-x60 series ). CDP-130 also misses sustain (I mean it is < 6 seconds) and ability to connect a triple pedal extension. I understand that the most of people never use sostenuto (and soft pedal in digital piano virtually has no meaning). Just to make it clear since many people expect that every DP supposes to provide a support of it. Since your friend just started lessons he may find it interesting to take a look at It is a great source for home practice. Actually you even can assign a home work for him through it.
  8. Are you sure it is KING KONG? To me it sound more as a bunch of Japanese rabbits jumping around;) Keep going !!!
  9. Denon SC5000 Prime Professional Media Player Denon X1800 PRIME 4-Channel Club Mixer Denon VL12 Prime Professional DJ Turntable
  10. subjects for NAMM There are a couple of new releases from Akai: Akai Professional MPC X Standalone Sampler and Sequencer Akai Professional MPC Live Standalone Sampler and Sequencer Also new edition of ARP Odyssey ARP Odyssey FS Rev3 - Black/Orange Kawai Kawai ES110 88-key Digital Piano with Speakers Zoom Zoom G3n Multi-Effects Processor and more ...
  11. 2 XWAddict - Since you have G edition, how usefull do you find a phrase sequencer?
  12. Yamaha made pretty strong move by releasing Montage. Probably it was strongest release for last year. I have not seen adequate response from other manufacturers (such as Korg and Roland) Nord Stage 2 EX seems like strongest competitor for Montage at the moment. Kawai MP11 is great instrument but Kawai does not make instruments which are filling the same sector as Montage. Casio is my favorite in terms of sound of grand piano (which is for me more than 50% requirement for a success). PX5S - Recently I saw it on TV. It seems like slowly it gets the recognition it deserves. However PX5S is a different animal than XW and XW is more a synthesizer than any of Casio instruments (MZX could be an exception). I hope that Casio will be able to come up with something that overcomes bar set by Montage. And again Korg and Roland still did not reply with big releases of new flagships.
  13. SA - is a toy. I am not sure whether this could be a subject for NAMM. Since you are XW-Addict. Did you try XW-PD1? What XW do you have P or G?
  14. A couple of weeks left before NAMM. What new Casio will show?