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  1. I have Tascam DP008 EX. Of course this is not the only solution. But I do make all final recordings on it. It has nice interface and good quality.
  2. I do not think that WK1200 is useful as a midi controller. Question number one - how to select an active channel? I do not think that it provides access to transport commands (Start, Stop, Record). However this keyboard can be paired with an external MIDI controller such as Akai MPD (in my opinion). It may make sense in order to gain control over parameters inaccessible from WK1200. WK1200 has 16 channels each of which I assume can be controlled individually. Also I expect that WK1200 can be controlled by DAW. But you will need an external USB MIDI adapter. The following parameters according to the manual can be controlled per channel: Program change number, volume, expression, pan, coarse tuning, fine tuning, on/off/solo May be you can control more (Release, Attack, Cut Off, Resonance .. etc) ...
  3. The GP 500 finally got there.

  4. Anything and everything. Answer depeneds on what do you want to do.
  5. PX has USB MIDI interface which allows you to use it as Input and Output device with DAW(Digital Audio Workstation). As a staring point you can get Studio One 3. There is a free version of this software. Others normally offer only trials for free. DAW comes with their own instrument(s). The additional plugins can be purchased and installed as well. Integration over MIDI is quite flexible. Basically any instrument with MIDI input can be used as a sound bank . Roland Interga 7 or Yamaha Motif Rack XS are kind of flagman-ships . If you are looking for arrangers you can use your PX as one. External arranges such as Roland BK-7m also can be integrated with Privia.
  6. CGP-700 Recording

    DAW and any mic. as test you can use the one built in your laptop :0) Or get a USB dynamic mic. Or get a condenser mic with separate Audio interface (like Behringer UM2 2x2 Interface). Or rent a recording studio there are a lot of different options. For sure only one thing - You do need a microphone.
  7. The latest keyboard of 2017.

    These all are new: Korg Kross 2 61 and 88 Korg 61-Key Pro Arranger Korg Pa700 Oriental Korg Pa700 Professional Korg Korg C1 Air
  8. Yes. Get any DAW (like free version of StudioOne). Import in it MIDI track you have. Playback MIDI track in DAW and output it to Privia. Assign desired instrument to the corresponding channel.
  9. I can recommend to read manual. You probably will be able to find answers for many questions you have. PX-360 does not provide capabilities to import additional sounds . However you can use PX-360 as a MIDI controller with an external sound bank such as Roland Interga 7 or Yamaha Motif Rack XS.
  10. So, I tested the X500...

    Question about the sampler. What does it sample audio, MIDI or both?
  11. Scarlatti's Sonata in C Major K.95

    2 AlexBoyKing - by your request.
  12. For no reason my post has disappeared (I wonder why). Voices used - It is a mix of PX-360 Grand Piano and FA-08 RD-1000. One of the goal was to create a piece that is easy to play. I know, there are a couple of places which may evolve some extra efforts to play it smoothly. However overall it a very simple piece. Feel free to download the score if you like, I grant such permissions since I am the author of it: Score: https://musescore.com/user/3880331/scores/4021966
  13. Casio CDP 130 settings

    I do not think CDP-130 allows to save any settings.