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  1. Kates String

    I like this one as well. Should work great live.
  2. Piano sounds continued

    <Thanks for the wonderful forum> Enjoy your PX-5S
  3. Piano sounds continued

    Whatever. That's why I said almost. Whatever you said will not affect the sound as much as the difference between the KC amps and his computer speakers. We can get technical if you want - but please give me a break.
  4. Piano sounds continued

    Lets use logic on this problem. You do admit that the piano sounds I posted and Brad posted sound fine on your computer speakers. In my sample case - this was recorded directly onboard the PX direct to USB. In other words this is almost a direct copy of the output of the PX-5S. So if you play your PX-5S with the Dolce program, your output of your PX would be the same. So if your computer speakers sound OK, then your "bell sound" is a result of your live performance speakers. I know the KC DOES have that ringing problem you describe. I am sure if you get another pair of speakers and adjust the EQ you should be able to get it to sound like you want. So 2 things are happening: 1: Your computer speakers are stereo 2: They have a radically different timbre than your KC speaker. So EQ a new pair to sound closer to your computer speakers. Change both of these for live and you should be good to go.
  5. Piano sounds continued

    Rocknrolldentist, what if you play your PX-5S through your computer speakers. If you don't hear the bell tone, then you can proceed to find speakers that don't "ring" and cause the problem for live. The computer speakers are in stereo so that might be part of it. If you do hear it, then there might not be anything we can do about it.
  6. Piano sounds continued

    Rocknrolldentist, Here is the dolce piano I was talking about, does it sound clangy in this file? http://aronnelson.com/px-5s/PX-5S%20Dolce.mp3
  7. Piano sounds continued

    You need to try the QSC or EV live to appreciate how much better it is than the KC. Also if you can, run in stereo. It makes a HUGE difference. If you run in stereo, you can use the smaller versions 8" etc... They sound great. I have heard really good things about the Space Station and yes - they demo a CASIO: http://www.keyboardmag.com/combo-amps/1210/we-couldnt-believe-how-much-stage-filling-stereo-sound-this-tiny-combo-amp-puts-out/52338
  8. Privia PX-5s conect with Yamaha QY-100

    Send a bank select then program change as per this manual: http://download.yamaha.com/api/asset/file/?language=tr&site=tr.yamaha.com&asset_id=2592
  9. Piano sounds continued

    That's why I asked about the speakers. The speaker and the instrument are the two most important parts of the tone. I really, really dislike the Roland KC amps. Terrible tone, terrible response, almost everything is bad about it. I mean, I _can_ play through it IF I totally mangle the tone knobs but they are band..... as in the worse to me. The only piano on the Motif I really liked was the newest XF8 - it had a very good piano. I love the S90ES piano as well. The rest of the motif line - I can deal with it, but I don't like the piano sounds. Heck, I'm not in love with my Kronos pianos either. Although I realize the Kross piano is inferior, for some odd reason it is completely playable on a gig and I have fun with it. All in all, I like the PX-5S piano - the EP are still in judgement mode! I still need to work on the strings as well..... rrrrrr!
  10. Piano sounds continued

    Please don't forget to check out speakers as well. If you are still using the Roland Keyboard amps - they are absolutely the worst speakers for keyboards ever. They have a midrange hump that really makes exactly those notes you mentioned sound horrible. Now that you reminded me, I need to put in my rider - no Roland KC amps.
  11. Piano sounds continued

    Interesting about the C above middle C. What about the A above that C. It's brighter and more brassy.
  12. Piano sounds continued

    Rocknrolldentist, have you dialed up GrPianoDolce in the layer? That one seems to have less brightness. Does it sound less clangy to you?
  13. Piano sounds continued

    The Casio piano is surely a Steinway. It has to be since it sounds like several recordings of Steinways that I have heard. It's interesting that you say that - I find the Motif's piano to be the weakest link and even Yamaha thought so since they "fixed" it in the Montage. So I gather that you played the PX-5S through the same speakers as the MOX,Kross and Forte? Interesting. Good luck with the quest.
  14. Piano sounds continued

    Rocknrolldentist, Any updates? Did you get together with Dave?
  15. Piano sounds continued

    Don't lock this thread, I want to hear what Dave Weiser says about what can be done. I do believe that he will be able to do something to improve the problem.