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  1. motor boating noise

    Hi Tnicoson, I'm back here again with the Casio 7200, I'm still acquiring the motorboating noise it as been to casio three times and still no joy I'am seriously thinking about getting a assessment on the work they have done on it, it's no different from the first time it went for repairs if enything it's got worse .I have contacted you to see if you have any idear what's wrong with it or anybody else as any idear what's wrong with it because casio has't a clue what they our doing thanks
  2. casio ctk 7200

    Hi just been onto the place where I got it from and they our picking it up tomorrow for repairs if thats possible Big thanks again Keith
  3. casio ctk 7200

    Hi Tnicuson thanks very much for that information I much appreciate Keith
  4. casio ctk 7200

    Tnicoson Hi it just sound s like a motor bike l have gone through the system and gone back to the factory default and still the same it get on yr nerves .l am trying to get through to casio to see what they can do because it s still in warranty but not easey winefredbell
  5. casio ctk 7200

    Hi does enybody known about this fault if so can you tell me what to do Organ And Drawbar Organ picking up interferance when pressing down on the chord keyboard Keith thanks
  6. Casio crowd Does enybody known what the numbers are for in the tone section of the appendix ie 4 Program Change ? 5 Bank Select MSB ? I am at my wits end on this one winefredbell Thanks