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  1. Sonar - Cakewalk - .INS File Available...

    Sorry alenk that I put It There in that thread At that time
  2. Sonar - Cakewalk - .INS File Available...

    No I never tried To go deep into sysex since Nobody Was able To help as You two are
  3. Sonar - Cakewalk - .INS File Available...

    Nobody Was so Kind as you so as To explain To me what Was wrong
  4. Sonar - Cakewalk - .INS File Available...

    It May be your one is better
  5. Sonar - Cakewalk - .INS File Available...

    Nobody answered when I did it
  6. Sonar - Cakewalk - .INS File Available...

    Look at that thread and download my files
  7. Sonar - Cakewalk - .INS File Available...

    check if it can help, I did it 1 year ago, as far as I remember it worked
  8. Workaround for selecting Registrations - well nearly!

    I know it! we are all trying to help ourselves here
  9. Firmware 1.14 released

    Theoretically they are all identical, you are right but I am right too: the difference comes from the accuracy in the assembly.
  10. Workaround for selecting Registrations - well nearly!

    thank you pax-eterna I wait to know which is the messagel to select a registration
  11. Firmware 1.14 released

    Mike, I love you so much, because you resemble an american colleague of mine, same way of talking, same shirts, same way of moving the hands and so on, but, since you are a Casio manager in America you need to be aware of the units that we receive in Italy. The keyboards are identical BUT there is a noticeable difference in feel and touch, because there is more accuracy in the assembly of the PX-560M if there had been no difference I would have bought the PX-5S and spent 800,00€ rather than 1.100,00€ if there had been no difference other people would not have spent twice as much by swapping the PX-5S with the PX-560M that's it, either you do believe it or not, this is a fact, it is not my impression.
  12. Firmware 1.14 released

    First of all tnicoson, I do not tell you not to buy it, as a matter of fact I just wanted it, note that it was born 2 years ago but not available in Italy till 1 year and a half ago, I could get it just before Christmas 2015, on instalments... this is a short list of what you do not have to expect from PX-560M it is not a workstation it does not have a real sequencer no MIDI implementation guide or sheet is supplied the accompaniments are rahter simple and old it is not a master keyboard to send MIDI data the list of the good qualities is longer the keyboard is 88 graded keys the keyboard is hard enough the keyboard is triple sensor the keyboard touch and feel is fine the keyboard is better than that of the PX-5S the speakers are enough the touch panel works fine the USB pen drive works fine the display of envelope is fine the tweaking sound is easy the effects are fine the drumkits are fine you can set the split point wherever you like it (not common feature in other brands) the dynamic is fine creating hex-layer with up to 6 sounds is fine the blue colour is fine the 100 preset arpeggiator is fine (though not advertised by Casio) the LINE IN inputs work fine (not common feature in other brands) the expression pedal works fine the real time controller knobs work fine it works fine as a master keyboard to play other instruments or VST As it can be read in italian forums, some owners of the PX-5S sold it and swapped it with the PX-560M, because the keyboard is better but then use it to play VST instruments, complaining about the internal sounds. Try them together and you cannot but realize it, I am a piano player and felt the difference in a while, the fact is that also my son realized it in a couple of seconds, though he is a child and told me about it before I could tell him. A lot of stuff was written in this forum complaining about the poor sampling of the Steinway into the Casio Piano sound, and I agree with it, that it has not enough sustain and lacks of body in the middle, where some notes are sampled even worse, that it suffers from short decay... that's why I worked so hard but I was happy to share more real like piano sounds with the other members in the download section. Nevertheless if you are a piano player you still hear that the sampling is the same and only one through camouflage by tweaking. Yet I also realized that someone likes it the way it is or worse, cuts it shorter. Try the AP700, that is a fascinating digital piano, the best sampling is the Steinway, then comes the Bechstein and last the Boesendorfer, I do not swap with it, because of the price and because it is not portable. As for the firmware update that does more harm than healing the bugs: I only read this page and realized that what the other members wrote was sadly true, the 2nd update in 2 years and it unfixes what was working fine rather than fixing bugs! this is not acceptable, in spite of what much more was asked for in other posts... in the meantime the cost of the PX-560M has risen from 1.100,00€ to 1.200,00€... expression pedal runs more smoothly, fixed metronome bug not fixed auto power off worked and does not work anymore, now needs to be fixed! real time control knobs worked fluently and do not anymore, now need to be fixed! no description about what the 1.14 does... the included sheet is about the MIDI SMF, the which was fixed by the 1.10... by the way, the previous on the main site was 1.10... so, what about 1.11, 1.12, 1.13...? Yes, Alenk, I had posted a screenshot of the facebook where a member described that the 1.14 caused the delay of the knobs, I did not think it was something wrong, anyhow, the post was removed and I was not informed nor warned by the admins, sorry, maybe I violated any privacy
  13. Firmware 1.14 released

    I got back to 1.10 firmware, since the 1.14 fixes the expression pedal but causes new problems... my expression pedal works not bad, a cheap M-Audio EX-P... the update causes new problems... that's crazy... in spite of all the already existing problems and requests arisen by the users! I am rather angry at Casio... so, owners of PX-560M, though it is the most expensive of the Privia series... do not deserve respect... cost of PX-560M 1.200,00€ rather than 850,00€ of the PX-5S... The focus was on the PX-5S ... and now has moved to the MZ-X500... Ok, I will swap to an other brand as soon as I can afford it...
  14. PX-560M Arpeggiator

    I quote Alenk... so Casio already has the code...
  15. iMidiPatchbay great news

    any alternative for Android?