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  1. Hi Chuck... I just saw your video re connecting your Casio piano to another midi device via the midi host. Would the same be applied if I wanted to connect my Casio Privia piano to my audio interface & recording software? That's the situation I have. I have PreSonus Studio One software on my laptop, and want to play the virtual instruments in it via my Casio Privia piano. That is possible, correct? I'm considering finding a usb midi host to see if it does work. My backup plan would be to just purchase a midi controller keyboard should things go south. Let me know your thoughts. Enjoyed the video and the tops you shared. Thanks! Terry Davis
  2. Music Data Management Software

    Man, I am glad I stumbled upon this information regarding the Music Data Management Software. I also have a Privia PX-575R and want to maximize my use of other tools in addition to my PreSonus Studio One software. Printing this forum string now. Thanks again! Terry Davis
  3. Hi everyone! I pray you're enjoying the Christmas weekend. I had a drummer I work with at church review a track I created (which I'll post later), and he said the drums sounded tinny and fake. Is there a way to make the drum or rhythm sounds in Privia stage pianos more realistic, and are there more sound patches around besides those on the Casio Music Site for my 575-R? Thanks in advance for the help and advice! Terry Davis