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  1. The XW-P1 Companion - Rev 2

    Thanks for your hard work on this. I'm sure it will be an invaluable resource to have.
  2. 2 Quick PX-560 Questions

    Hey Trent, . You're probably right, I may do the same. I have no intention of getting rid of my PSR-970, I once had the Tyros 3 on top and the Privia PX-330 on the bottom. Connected the 330 to the Tyros 3 via midi and then was able to use the keys of the 330 to play the Tyros. I think I may do the same with the 970 and the 560. Here is what that setup looked like. Vin
  3. 2 Quick PX-560 Questions

    Thanks for the response Brad. I thought that was going to be my answer, because when I had my PX330, I had the same issues with the inputs and being able to trigger the Fill-In with a foot pedal. I think what I am going to do is sell my Yamaha MX-49 add a few dollars and get the PX-5S and keep my PSR-S970 for now. This way I'll have the best of both worlds.
  4. 2 Quick PX-560 Questions

    Hi, I am new to the forum and presently play a Yamaha PSR-S970, I had a Privia PX-330 and loved it. I am presently considering purchasing a PX-560 or possibly a PX-5S. But, I do have a few questions. I think I already know the answers to both questions will be no, but I'll ask anyway. My issue is I always try to keep my active keyboard ownership to just one keyboard at a time, I like the PSR, but I miss having 88 weighted keys. And I love the sound of the PX-5S and the 560. I could possibly keep the 970 and buy a PX-5S, but if I can work around these two things, I could sell the 970 and buy a 560. So here we go. 1. Is it possible to plug a microphone directly into the inputs of the 560, and if not, will it work if I feed the microphone into a mixer first and then to the 560? 2. Is it possible to trigger the Fill-In (While using the Arranger portion) with a foot pedal or foot switch? Thanks in Advance. Vin