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  1. Harmonic buzz - 460

    New Celviano 460 arrived tonight. No buzz. You can only imagine the degree to which I surveyed each and every note. The same E definitely has a particular resonance (perhaps just my house?) in which it appears to reverberate slightly longer than other notes, but there is no distracting and evident buzz from a mechanical issue. I'm happy, but truly would have been happier to have to not had to return the original. I can hope that Casio is pleased as I only used the new "keyboard", replacing it on my existing stand so that as little of the contents were disturbed for whatever Casio does with it. The box I'm sending back looks brand new. As for commentary on the actual piano sound: for me, selecting Modern and then opening the lid creates such a magical, acoustic and frankly REAL piano, it is just an amazing instrument. Well done Casio, thrilled that I'll be enjoying this instrument for years to come. Thanks for your moderator and all.
  2. I would suggest that based on it coming through the headphones as well, the problem is actually not the speaker but rather the sound engine of the keyboard. Use the manual and perform a factory reset. Fingers crossed it solves the issue.
  3. Harmonic buzz - 460

    I appreciate you giving it a listen. Like I said, I'm absolutely thrilled with the unit otherwise, and I look forward to being a contributor to these forums going forward.
  4. Harmonic buzz - 460

    Called Casio support, who of course suggested a factory reset (even though the headphone output is perfectly clean and it is clearly a physical resonance problem...) Of course that made no difference. Because it is such a recent purchase they suggested merely handling it through Amazon, which means yup..., I'm shipping it back (on their dime) while a new one is being sent my way. The nice part is I'll briefly have two in my possession. All limbs/fingers/toes crossed that it arrives without any issues. I cannot imagine this is standard fare in the Celviano line. There is no way the thousands of discerning pianists who have reviewed/played them would accept this sonically displeasing annoyance. In fact, annoyance isn't even the right word, as this buzz destroys the tone. I'm sure it's a simple fix, open up the cabinet, tighten a single screw probably... but then voiding a 5 year warranty, I can't do it. (Unscrewing the back panel isn't difficult... it's the staples underneath that will be the problem.)
  5. Harmonic buzz - 460

    Audio sample as promised.... I've finally found a perfect analogy for the sound.... it's like the chain on the snare drum vibrating in a loud band space. 0:00 - :16 playing quietly, slightly evident.. (E5 octave) :18 - playing a different, non-resonating octave (no noise) :27 - :44 - hard notes, very evident :45 - 1:10 - recorded behind cabinet, close to the source of vibration 1:11 - 1:19 - recorded near speaker under the cabinet, the sound is there but distant (proving it isn't bottom speaker) 1:20 - 1:35 - more examples of the noise Don't use quicktime player 7 to play the file back, guesses the sample rate wrong and plays the file incorrectly. Piano Sample.m4a
  6. Harmonic buzz - 460

    The best example I can give of the sound (in the meantime) would be if you were to set a picture frame on a piano and the sounds it would make from reacting to the sound vibrations. jpb
  7. Harmonic buzz - 460

    Amazon.... and a great price, $950 CDN!!! The sound is that of a metal rattle, it has to be loose screw on the speaker housing. I've read another post where Casio sent someone a new set of speakers for a similar issue. I'll post a recording this evening. I certainly won't open it unless advised to by Casio service. I'm within the 30 day return window with Amazon. I love the piano, but won't be able to tolerate this annoyance.
  8. Hello, I'm happy to have found this informative forum. Hopefully you can help me. My 460 is a mere 14 hours old in my household. I am thrilled with the excellent tones, feel and "acoustics" of the instrument, it feels like a wonderful no maintenance replacement for my aging upright. One problem, one that my troubleshooting abilities have sourced, but I need to know the recommended course of action. E in the octave above middle C creates a harmonic buzz, like metal rattling but at a very high frequency. It is definitely harmonic, as the octave below produces it to a lesser extent, but other notes in the harmonic range will contribute as well. Yet if I play something in D-major, it is non-existent. Listening at close range under the piano reveals it is not that speaker, it is definitely the in-cabinet speaker as placing my ear against the "wood" in the back clearly identifies the geography of the source. Do I open up the cabinet and merely tighten a speaker, or do I tell Casio I'm not happy?