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  1. I have the same problem. It's seems that you always have to set the default pitch in C. Even if I want a song to be in F, I first have to do the sequence in C and then keyshifting to the desired key.
  2. Casio MZ-X

    I see like there are some sliders on the left side. Possibly for organ and HexLayers ?
  3. Casio MZ-X

    I hope it has HexLayers and it is user friendly.
  4. The XW-P1 Companion

    Brillilant ! Bravo !
  5. What the next XW should have.

    I almost forgotten: a 64 (or more) step sequencer instead of the 8 step EDIT: 16 step, my bad thanks BradMZ
  6. What the next XW should have.

    Solo mode for hexlayer, sync for hexlayer, FM for hexlayer, basically a roland gaia with 6 oscillators. And under no circumstances you don't forget to include revese sawtooth waves. With those things you can do completely new type of sound synthesis. And I must repeat myself just if you forgotten: LOTS OF KNOBS AND LOTS OF FADERS ! I don't mind to give an extra 200 or 300 euros if I get hands on controll.
  7. Post your Gear Pics Here...

    Nice studio Scott ! Sub 37 is one of the best looking synts in my opinion
  8. MIDI interface

    Good to know Maybe in the far future I'll consider getting a nice workstation like the Kronos. But now I'm thinking about getting a Blofeld. As I read the specs, it offers a lot for the price. How do you like yours? Do you tweak it a lot? Is it easy to make sounds or you use an editor software ?
  9. MIDI interface

    Don't worry I disconnected them a long time ago. But thanks for the advice, another thing learned today I definitely need a list named "Thing that blow up your music gear", since I succesfully blewd up my old amp few years ago
  10. MIDI interface

    And it works ??? I went through every menu related to midi in the XW, but it doesn't send anything via USB. Both USB ports are "B" ports, and since I didn't found any "B-B" USB cables, I used two "A-B" cables and connected them with a USB joiner. A bit awkward. But now it's not important. I will search for the Quadra.
  11. MIDI interface

    Guys, thanks a lot ! I learned something today Since my sledge doesn't have MIDI through, I will search for that Quadra Thru box. And, Gary, I think you are right about the XW using either MIDI or USB. My microbrute is connected via MIDI, and IS WORKING, but the sledge is connected with usb and it doesn't even receive MIDI clock (the onboard arpeggiorator doesn't work when connected). Cheers
  12. MIDI interface

    I want to control more than one instrument with the XW's sequencer. What kind of midi interface do I need? Is the M-audio midisport 4x4/2x2 good enough? I want to connect everything with standard MIDI cables.
  13. The step sequencer. I was thinking it would be uber cool to buy a midi foot controller, you know something like organists have (just a lot cheaper), so I can pitch shift the sequencer while I'm improvising so my left hand would be free for pads and other stuff. I connected my sledge to be a MIDI controller, it plays the sounds on my XW, but it won't change the pitch of the sequencer while "Note Shift" is on.