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  1. The tempo drift glitch with XW series

    I am using midi sync, I was using the p1 in slave mode. Everything seems to be connected correctly. The display reads slave, the tempo updates if I change it on my electribe, and it will receive stop and start commands correctly.
  2. The tempo drift glitch with XW series

    Hello, I'm sorry first of all. I know this question has been answered somewhere on this forum and I have looked for days trying to find it. I know that because my xw p1 is not updated that it has problems syncing correctly with other machines. I also read that there was a work around but I don't remember what it was. I don't have a computer to do the update with and I'm worried I would botch it if I tried anyway. Can one of you fine people remind me of the solution to this problem? I ask because it seems that even when I quantize the phrase looper it seems to drift when I'm using my drum machine. ( electribe es2) Thanks in advance
  3. Effect Pedals on XW-P1

    I have been running mine through a Boss me-50 and it sounds pretty good. That particular multi effects pedal has a resonance effect that is friggin awesome if you find the filter on the solo synth steps too much. None of the bottom end is lost like I would have thought considering it's digital. The only problem I've had is that basically none of the overdrive or distortion effects sound good, but they were programmed for a guitar so I figure that's to be expected. Oh yeah, it also has a rotary built in that emulates the speed up and slow down of the real deal but it can't be controlled via foot switch which is kinda sad. The rate goes really fast to quite slow and that's pretty nice.
  4. The XW-P1 Companion, Volume 1 - Rev 4

    Bro, I can't believe you're still working on this handbook. Casio, why aren't you guys paying this man? Good job, all the cookies to you sir!
  5. Step Sequencer MIDI Data

    Yo, I'm back 😁 I have a strange question. Would it damage my xwp1 to connect the midi out to the midi in? I know it seems pointless but, I have a reason. Any of the four zones in performance mode can control any midi channel, and the patches allocated to the step sequencer can be live controlled via midi. This means an external midi controller could be used to play those sounds live, ignoring the sequencer all together. So does this mean that I could control those sounds, ie. more layers than four, by routing a zone to control one of the 9 tracks dedicated to the step sequencer? I don't know, I'm a noob and don't want to break my keyboard. Will I break something if I try this?
  6. Step Sequencer MIDI Data

    Sorry to double post but I tinkered about for a bit and I figured it out and so I shall post it here. I'm going to use my drum machine in the example because it's the only one I've ever used. Each pad of the Electribe is assigned to a channel, I think that is a pretty basic feature for drum machines. Seems like the maximum channels for most sequencers is gonna be 16. What I have done is made the Electribe the master, and selected slave mode on the XW P1. But I plugged the midi out from the XW P1 to the Electribe so I can control the oscillators with the XW P1 but use the sequencer in the Electribe. I created a new performance and split the keys into four zones, it doesn't matter what notes. Because I want to use the solo synth of the XW P1 I will not send midi via zone 1. You do this by pressing edit while in the performance screen and choosing midi edit on the second page. Go again to the next page in the menu and turn midi out off. Now the solo synth will play and send no midi data. For the next 3 zones it's only a little different. Go to the next part by pressing the part + button. Make sure midi out is on and do the same for the next two parts. Now you should have 4 zones, one of which is just the solo synth and the other 3 a mix of sounds from the XW P1 and the Electribe/other drum machine. This might be what you want, but you can get rid of the layering in zones 2,3, and 4 by lowering the volume of the respective zone to 0. Now we haven't left the midi edit menu, but we're going to go to page 1. It has a channel for in and out and gen out for each channel on the XW P1, but we're only dealing with the ext in and ext out for zones 2-4. So, while still in the menu, use the part selection buttons to go to zone two. I'm going to assign ext out to channel 1. Now when I play keys in zone 2 I will hear channel one of the Electribe. The method is the same for zones 3 and 4, but they will be set to channels 2 and 3 in my case. Any of the parts on the XW P1 can seemingly be used as a midi controller for all sixteen channels, but this is how you can use the zones to emulate multiple synths at your fingertips.
  7. Step Sequencer MIDI Data

    Hey guys, I really appreciate your answers to my question. I'm back and have more questions. I bought an electribe sampler, I don't need the sequencer on the xw anymore. I would like to use it as a controller and use the solo synth at the same time. It seems like I could make a performance and assign separate zones to the solo synth and have the other zones control my sampler. I know nothing about using midi and I don't plan on adding a computer into the mix. Is this something that could be done? If so, where can I find instructions on how? All I'm finding on YouTube or Google are tutorials on how to connect a controller to a DAW and I'm not using one. Thanks in advance 😁
  8. Step Sequencer MIDI Data

    Wow, great! The search for a drum machine begins, thanks for the answer.
  9. Step Sequencer MIDI Data

    Hey guys, I have no idea about how one does the MIDI. This isn't my problem at the moment. I have looked on the forums for various reasons and I haven't seen anyone ask this. Is the XW-P1 capable of controlling a drum machine with it's step sequencer? Most drum machines have that ability I know but, I have seen some that don't and it made me curious.
  10. The XW-P1 Companion: Volume 2 - Excerpt 2

    Dude, you are the man. This PDF looks better than the one that came with the synth. Great job.
  11. Midi controlled looping

    Hey guys, I've been searching for a way to loop my guitar with my P1. I have seen a few guitar looping pedals that can sync or generate a midi clock but, it seems like some have glitching problems. (eg. Boss RC 50 reported to time stretch when used as a slave) I'm trying to be a one man live band. Have any of you guys tried/had success with this kind of thing? I have a RC 3 and I'm sure you know how difficult this idea is to pull off without syncing.
  12. Creating chains

    Hey guys, I'd like to add a little something to this thread. Either I looked over this step in the manual or it isn't there. If you hold the chain button, it brings up the menu to select which chain to use. Press edit and I could select a pattern, part, number of measures, and then the key. This pretty simple, but I couldn't figure out how to use more than one pattern for a chain. This made it seem completely pointless. If you press the Step+ it adds a second "link" in the chain. It might seem dumb or obvious to some people here. This is my first non-VST synth and this took me something like two weeks to figure out so I'm passing the info along.