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  1. I've done that and to be honest it's not all too informative. I just need to know what numbers represent each Bank and program. I have from 1 though 8 as category banks. So as an example - let's say I want a sound from my 2nd category (bank) and the 4th sound patch from that group. So my question is - what represents that ???? This would be very helpful in understanding how this is done on this unit.
  2. I'm hoping someone can indicate to me what the Privia PX-3 keyboard units uses for it's MSB \ LSB \ Program settings. I have an iPad app called Set List Maker that I use and I would like to utilize the app's MIDI functions. The MIDI function will all the app to change my sound patches automatically from song to song from my set list, but I need to set the parameters into Set List Maker for my Privia PX-3 to make that possible. I'm seeking the MSB \ LSM \ Program information to help identify what bank \ and program # Set List Maker needs to be assigned for each particular sound patch for certain songs that I intend to use. If thats not an option, can this be accomplished using SysEx statements? if so, I can also utilize that feature also, but I don't have the information required. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you