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  1. Pedal Speed

    Hi, Alen! Haha. Sorry for the short replies! I setup an organ stage and would like to switch the speed (Rotary/Drive Rotary) with the Pedal 2. You must know what effect I expect from that, right? The problem is that I need to press the pedal several times before it makes any change (maybe because of some zone setup!? Not sure). I hope it's clearer now. Thanks!
  2. Pedal Speed

    ... but not in the pedal.
  3. Pedal Speed

    Hi. There is a “tempo”, but what I need is named SPEED. I could setup it in slide 1.
  4. Pedal Speed

    Privia PX-5S!
  5. Pedal Speed

    I setup pedal2 to speed control. The issue is it only works after I press 4 times the pedal. What did I do wrong?
  6. Importing the new sounds

    I found it, but in a different way. I reset the piano with POWER + NUMKEY + 4. Thanks!
  7. Importing the new sounds

    Hi. I didn't find the original banks in the Downloads section!! Could you please help me!?