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  1. XW-P1 sequencer

    Thank you so much for your help, I'll look into it, I appreciate it
  2. XW-P1 sequencer

    I'm new to this site, I've read it's contents and it seems very helpful to understand some of the xw-p1's secrets, I've got mine September of last year, but right after that I got a Korg Kross and a krome and got hooked into those and neglected the xw-p1, but since last week I turned it on and I've been playing it and I realized that it is a very good synth, I've read the manual and so far I got a lot of it figured, till I got to the sequencer, the manual is not very specific about track recording, my question is, does the xw-p1 support long multi track recording or just the short space of time that the phrase sequencer gives you? Any help will be very appreciated and thanks in advance