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  1. I was hoping so much that firmware 1.14 would have fixed this issue. Its getting to the point where I have to put each of my "sets" on a different stick. Here is an example of how frustrating things are getting. Lets look at a number of songs Journey- Dont stop believin Queen- Dont stop me now Fleetwood mac - Dont stop Micheal Jackson - Dont stop till you get enough YOu see the problem , I hope..,. Its almost impossible to find the correct song in a gigging situation. I have to have a set of notes to tell me that its the 1st or 2nd etc. Casio , come on. Having a DOS type limitation ( 11 chars including ext ) isnt really cutting it for a keyboard thats as powerful as this. The annoying thiing is also that , when naming a file, you allow me the full width of the screen ( Teasing me with all those characters :-) ) and then limit the number of chars that can be input. :-( I can understand the limitations on the actual tones, however , registrations ? and midi file names ? Why ? Why ? Why ? Please can you remove this limitation in the next release of the firmware. Having used this keyboard for the last year , this is the only real major limitation I can see., A few other thing. It would be really nice to be able to have the following - preload a midi file into a cache , so that you can have songs queued ready to be played - This would be nice so that if you are already in the middle of playing a midi song you could then load the NEXT mid track you are going to play, into either internal midi song storage or load into a temporary buffer cache. I can do a preload of a registration into a location ready to play. Why not a midi file ? ( Maybe its already there ? ) _ when you load a registration into a location such as - say I had a registration called ABC and I load this into area 1-1 , then Why cant you keep the name of the registration , or allow us to name the registration. You use the "MAIN" label at the top of the screen, Why not allow the naming of the registration so that it uses up either the left or right hand side of the the top of the screen. Its really annoying having to reference numbers for registrations eg 1-4 for songX 1-8 for songY . Would be nice to just have at the top of screen "REG:SOngX" The more information the better. Just an idea Stuart
  2. total agree On my media card its getting rather hard to distinguish between various songs which start with the same word. Come on casio. The keyboard is fantastic in terms of sound but this limitation on the interface really lets it down.
  3. hi there I cant seem to find any details on the casio site detailing a list of sysex midi messages such that I can change my registations over midi. It would be really nice for live performance to allow the reg's to be assignable over midi. Can anyone help here. Stu
  4. Hi there Im hoping someone can assist me. What IM seeing is that when I playback a midi file ( in this case it has drums and bass ) , I can change patches and not effect the midi playback by filtering the registrations so that the ryhthm is filtered. Thus the midi track keeps playing without any issues. However If I press the "master piano" button , everything is reset , and the midi track tempo is affected and is altered. How can I have the midi playback unaffacted by any buttons I press on the keyboard panel. Only found this out during a gig, rather embarassing. :-) Stuart
  5. Yeh will do. Had another weird one. Managed to layer 2 sounds , onto one sound patch. ie instead of upper 1 and upper 2 I managed to get 2 sounds onto upper 1 . Trying to replicate this one to found out what combination caused it to happen. Ill raise the issue with the headphones so that a fix can be looked into.
  6. Yes I tried with various different headphones, sony mdr V150s , a set of creative, a set of sennheisers and a set of CHASE low end headphones. Same thing.
  7. tried that one also, didn't have any effect .
  8. HI there Anyone seen the issue whereby you plugin heaphones, and play for a while, then disconnect, and there is no sound coming from the internal speakers. Even a restart doesn't fix. You have to completely disconnect any power and then restart. This is getting very annoying as I set up the piano with headset on , before gig , only to need to go thru the set up again. Ive even try "switch off speakers", "switch on" , from the screen. Nothing. Looks like a software glitch somewhere.
  9. Received an MGEAR EX-P pedal. Felt that 14 pounds wouldnt break the bank. Wasnt expecting much , however Im really blown away with the response Im getting from this little guy . Been playing around with various param settings on expression and it ticks all the boxes. No problems whatsoever. Cant see what I would get paying 4x more for a pedal.
  10. Just received my 560M , lovely piano. However, can someone answer this question. Is it possible to program your own drum patterns and load them into the keyboard. I use midi already , but there are situations where I want custom patterns with fills breaks that I want to program myself . How do you actually do this. ? I use cakewalk at the moment so Im guessing I can program in cakewalk the convert to some "format" that will be compatible. ie pattern A pattern B fills/ breaks, intro ending Any help out there would be appreciated. Thanks
  11. Hi there , Dont know if you got to the bottom of this but, if you are still looking, here is what will work. You have to send a system exclusive event to your device, so , in cakewalk , you can add an event and set its type to sysex and then send the following data F0 41 10 42 12 40 00 7F 00 41 F7 this will force the 560M into general midi mode, and your drums on channel 10 will be recognised. Hope this helps Stu