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  1. Pattern edit

    ...And there's this other detail if it helps. (Meanwhile, am still waiting for the Casio MZ-X Advanced Stuff For Dummies.
  2. Pattern edit

    Hi, haven't tried this advanced stuff yet on my MZ-X (hey, its only been eighteen months), but there's a lot of info in the tutorial manual .
  3. creating arpeggios on MZ X500

    Yes, the MZ-X500 Tutorial manual is a pdf download, you get it from here: http://support.casio.com/en/manual/manualfile.php?cid=008010003
  4. creating arpeggios on MZ X500

    Hi, Maybe this might be useful as you search for a vid tutorial?:
  5. Next Generation MZ-X wish list

    Apart from wishing for more tutorial videos, I'm very happy with my Casio MZ-X500 thank-you, Amado. But good luck with whatever path you choose.
  6. Priority

    to Jazzman, hi there, That is a very clear video explaining the problem, thanks. Maybe recorded on a phone, but IMO better delivery than some Casio MZ-X500 video tutorials! This 'freezing' fault of the Audio Recorder only once happened on my MZ-500 some time back. Like you, I had to unplug the power to get it going. Hasn't happened again, despite regular use and tried without success (so far) to replicate the fault. I note that the manual says(page 46 of guide) to stop a recording a new file by using the onscreen touch stop button (not the hard AUDIO button). Might this be in some way relevant? cheers
  7. ....including this other WOW! factor: Yamaha PSR-S970 (61 keys): £1,737 Bax shop Casio MZ-X500 (61 keys): £680 Bax shop
  8. Midi File Player

    Keep 'em coming, Casiokid; your mistakes are also my teacher.
  9. MZ-X' PDF manuals on tablet?

    Much obliged to ya, Lenonh and Jokeyhman123 for rapid response. Great details, that'll do nicely, thanks a lot. cheers
  10. Greetings, hope you can help a Tablet Novice on this matter. Printed and bound both MZ-X500 manuals, but would also be nice to have them on a smaller device. (1) Would the cheaper Tablets (approx £50 new on Amazon et al), be suitable for reading Casio manuals in PDF format? With no mouse or keyboard, how would one navigate the pages? (2) Can PDF file opened on the last page read, like with a Kindle mobi file? (3) Windows 7 user, cable internet, not wireless. Assuming most tablets have a memory card for transferring the PDF file from my desktop to the tablet. Thanks for any tips
  11. yamaha midi files

    Hi, and welcome. This might be useful, scroll down to Rick Sterling's post on this thread
  12. Where are all the Casio MZ-X' tutorials?

    Well said, Moontom. That Krome 2 looks and sounds impressive, although personally, I'd be lost without the MZ's arranger functions. What does get my GearLust juices flowing, are the quality of Korg's video tutorials, covering all the instruments' aspects and clearly explained at a pace than even a complete novice could follow. The meager scraps of Casio M'Z-X500 tutorials are unworthy of Casio's flagship arranger / synth keyboard. Yes, my Casio MZ-X500 is packed with amazing features for a great price. But if I were considering buying another new arranger, I might now choose a model with less features over a abundance of good video tutorials.
  13. new Korg Pa700

    £1200 pounds!.... Did you say: twelve hundred pounds? . (in falsetto) TWELVE ...HUNDRED....POUNDS!!! Er, no ta' , but thanks anyway for sharing the 'new competition' links. ...And where are the sixteen, multi-function velocity PADS?
  14. Hilarious hyper action by Steve! And for backing music I'd suggest a rousing version of Herman Koenig's "Post horn Galop"
  15. Well I "almost" got one! - From Bax

    Good outcome there, Steve, suits you sir! Your patience will be well rewarded. Clearly that particular B-stock item was not meant for you. Too many B signs: Bax, not happy Bunny, LoBBard, B-stock, bit of a B*gger (that's mine) ... Dodged a bullet IMO. Have a silly dance around the room to Arthur Askey's B-stock Song: