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  1. Thanks for that link, Steve, had a quick look. Have updated my first impressions of FB: hints of a much less casual ethos. I'll stick with good old CasioMusicForums for the present. Just keen not to miss out on any future important updates for the MZ-X500, but suppose that any major announcements would be found here on this forum. Cheers
  2. Thanks Steve, My knowledge of FB stuff is lacking, I have to say. But tried clicking on that link again with the same result. Also tried clicking on same link whilst already logged into another FB group where I am a member (no problems with that one), but still getting same message using either Google Chrome or Internet Explorer. I'll try again later. cheers
  3. Thanks, Brad, just tried clicking on it & tried to log in but with same result:
  4. Hi, CasioLovers, how does one get past this obstacle when trying to join the Casio MZ-X500 Facebook group? thanks in advance
  5. "Just sounds like a real Casio"

    .. either showcasing their ignorance or their negative bias, since the MZ-X500 has all the tools to make any sound you like.
  6. Next Generation MZ-X wish list

    Much appreciated, cheers!
  7. Next Generation MZ-X wish list

    Thanks for posting the link, Silvano. Although I don't speak the language, it is refreshing to see a no-nonsense tutorial without the flannel. And I see lots of other MZ-X tutorials on YouTube by the same gent. Jealous much? - you bet I am.
  8. Next Generation MZ-X wish list

    Enjoy much of what my Casio MZ-X500 offers but looking to keep things simple as possible on this rather complex instrument. My advice would be to Casio: Please look after your bread-and-butter customers first, those who like making music but who are not hi-tech experts, and whose busy lives preclude burying their noses in not-so-helpful owner manuals. In other words, don't be stingy, Casio, let's have loads more video tutorials. Not surprised that no UK shop is stocking the MZ-X500 / 300. Also disappointed that Mr Mike Martin of Casio (Marketing Director?), has again taken premature bows (Facebook) on promises he makes for forthcoming tutorials on the MZ-X500. Is it just me, or are these so-called 'Webinarse' sessions (pardon spelling) seem rather tedious in the viewing? Trying picking the helpful hints from an hour-long mixed bag of chat is hard work IMO. I wonder if someone at Casio has been promoted above their abilities. (the Peter Principle)? Why cannot Casio higher management recognize this basic error: to produce an incredible Flagship arranger / synth, like the MZ-X500, then allow it to flop down flat over the lack of basic customer support! That's my two-penneth and my personal opinion.
  9. Pattern edit

    ...And there's this other detail if it helps. (Meanwhile, am still waiting for the Casio MZ-X Advanced Stuff For Dummies.
  10. Pattern edit

    Hi, haven't tried this advanced stuff yet on my MZ-X (hey, its only been eighteen months), but there's a lot of info in the tutorial manual .
  11. creating arpeggios on MZ X500

    Yes, the MZ-X500 Tutorial manual is a pdf download, you get it from here: http://support.casio.com/en/manual/manualfile.php?cid=008010003
  12. creating arpeggios on MZ X500

    Hi, Maybe this might be useful as you search for a vid tutorial?:
  13. Next Generation MZ-X wish list

    Apart from wishing for more tutorial videos, I'm very happy with my Casio MZ-X500 thank-you, Amado. But good luck with whatever path you choose.
  14. Priority

    to Jazzman, hi there, That is a very clear video explaining the problem, thanks. Maybe recorded on a phone, but IMO better delivery than some Casio MZ-X500 video tutorials! This 'freezing' fault of the Audio Recorder only once happened on my MZ-500 some time back. Like you, I had to unplug the power to get it going. Hasn't happened again, despite regular use and tried without success (so far) to replicate the fault. I note that the manual says(page 46 of guide) to stop a recording a new file by using the onscreen touch stop button (not the hard AUDIO button). Might this be in some way relevant? cheers