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  1. Thanks Kevin12345. I did go to the service center today and we tested it keeping the piano on a granite platform. There were surely vibrations in the upper cabinet, but not as I saw at home, plus the room was really noisy and airy and I could not get them to put it in a quieter room. Again, I had not sent the legs and the backpanel with it , just the keyboard part, so I am wondering if the downfiring speaker makes those panel resonate or what and if I could actually reproduce it with the full cabinet ? Moving it around is a pain. What exactly was defective with your piece ? was it the AP-460/450 ? I think I should get the legs and the detached cabinet below to the service center and verify once.
  2. Hi, This is my first post. I got a Casio AP-460 couple months back and from the start of the purchase, I am getting a very significant loud hum/resonance on the B2 and B3 keys. It does not come on the headphones and transfers to other keys if I transpose it, so its not a problem with the specific key. The full cabinet resonates significantly with this and its not a problem that can be overlooked, inclusion of B2/B3 in any of the chords dominates a sound and muds it. The music store guys and casio both came to my place and checked it out and identified it as a problem. After going forth and back on replacement, Casio has taken the keyboard to their service center to first identify the problem and they say they cannot reproduce it there with their Casio technicians. I will visit the service center in person this week and verify the claim but before that I wanted to check if it could be a problem with my room acoustics, I tried moving it around in the same room but its same. I have seen the drums or snares vibrating to a specific frequency when the nearing amplifier produces it. If its something similar then are there any solutions to fix it ? I have used a Yamaha DGX 220 keyboard in the same room before but then it doesn't have all that big cabinet and the wood. Moreover, only the upper keyboard part is taken to the service center, would the legs and the big back panel of AP - 460 would have anything to do with it ? Will update once I visit the service center. Thanks in advance.