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  1. USB connection with MIDI file player

    Hi, I´ve problems with the MIDI connetion over USB to PC. The USB connection is recognized as audio-connection to my Windows10 PC, is that correct? and SONAR LE shows the MIDI connection but don´t accept it: SONAR LE shows, that I didn´t choose a MIDI-OUT. What can I do? (sorry for the german version of Windows, but I cannot change the version to english) Michael UPDATE: Problem solved! I changed in an other display and suddenly it function...
  2. after nearly 10 minutes the keyboard don´t play any sound

    Hi, the problem wasn´t solved, so I send it back to the dealer before nearly 3.5 weeks. He send it back to Casio service, which was´nt able to fix the problem in a short time, so that I got a new one from my DEALER now (not from Casio!). Casio supposed, that a spare part took a long delivery time...
  3. Hi, it´s only at my keyboard? After nearly 10 minutes of playing or not-playing the keyboard fails and don´t give out any sound. After OFF/ON this failure disappears and you can play without any failure. It´s necessary to send it to the service? Michael
  4. Windows 10 driver?

    Hi, does anybody know, how I can update the windows driver to version: Windows 10? Mikel