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  1. Playing midi file with xw-p1

    Ok. Thanks a lot for you help. It's ok I can choose the tone before. Relating to midi, it seems something related to the sequencer I'm using. I used VanBasco (under Windows Xp) and the playback was Ok. If I discover something else I'll let you know. Thanks again. Sim
  2. Hi to everybody. I have a strange issue with my xw-p1. I try to play a midi file with rosegarden and jack in linux - i use a SalixOs, a Slackware derivative. I play a midi file to the xw-p1, but channel 10 is not recognized, and play piano instead of drums (standard set). It seems that xw-p1 is not entering General Midi mode. That file plays ok if I use fluidsynth (a soft synthesizer) or if I plug an Edirol SK500, without doing anything except connect rosegarden to those midi synths. Am I mistaking something? Also: I tried to play midi file from inside an sd card (directory musicdata). When the xw-p1 plays the midi file, I cannot do anything other than listen to it; it seems all blocked. Is it possible to play the xw-p1 while playing a midi file from the sd card? Thank you. Have a nice day.