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  1. Detailed church organ

    Lovely organ registers! Thanks!
  2. USB connection with MIDI file player

    Today found a strange situation: If my windows7 starts up while casio midi usb connected the midi file on my pc plays direct through usb and volume cannot be controlled: Extremely loud! The player I use is mediaplayer from gabest, also in windows mediaplayer...
  3. PX-560M SteinwayD

    Lovely completion of the piano sounds in my 560! Bradmz had made an alike great grand piano for the px-5s! Thanks a lot!
  4. PA Concert Grand

    This is a really lovely stage piano setting you made! Must brighter and more full than all others. Thanks a lot!
  5. phrase problem

    Just found the solution: went into the data editor of casio and without changing the mode I switched arpeggio on in common, and everything was back. After that I switched it off as it is is normal position, and phrase and arpeggio are still working. Something must have been reset other than by restart the piano. Maybe I switched the piano off one time before stopping the editor. I will be more cautious in future I hope. Thanks for your swift reaction. I will look at your links later.
  6. phrase problem

    Help, all of a sudden the phrase does not play back. Not in some of the sounds like you two (0-9) and rainy day (0-8) where the drum nor the arpeggio phrase plays. What can I do?
  7. Foot Pedals Fixed

    Hi, you also have foot pedals running away from you? Here is how to put soul to your pedals!
  8. Support for laptop

    My last modification for laptop support: No glue screws or nails needed!
  9. Support for laptop

    HI, just created a stage setup for a laptop; this was my second construction with four legs. Here my last lower smaller version with two legs only on top of my PX-5S. If you use a simple stage stand with tubes of 25mm this 32mm drain pipe construction will carry your laptop on stage! And it brings it close to your eyes! You can make it any size you like, and as solid as you like. My initial construction was more complicated than the final one ha ha. So here is what you need maximum: 2m 32mm plastic drain pipe, 2 FxF elbows 32mm, 2 MxF elbows 32mm, 6 FxFxM T32mm, 2 FxFxF T32mm, 4 fixing clip 32mm and an iron saw. With this you can make all the different models on the pics. Essential is the thickness of the tube of the stand being 25mm. Because that's the inner diameter of the FxFxM T32mm!! Two or four of these slide over the pipes on either side of the stand behind the piano to carry the construction. Here the fitting is so stable, that no glue is needed and that leaves you all possibilities for change.... Let the vertical carry pipes tilt a bit towards each other for stability! I still have to make hardboard cover in the final setup so I can use a mouse.
  10. Gig Bag for my PX560

    I bought a gig bag from thomann.de for my px-5s. Nice quality although it does not have shoulder straps. Price 45€. In India I let make a gig bag with shoulder straps for my px-560 at Furtado's in Madgaon Goa for 2500RS (33€) with even thicker padding.