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  1. Definitive explanation of MIDI control.

    you configure it with the trackformer software. it makes the pads and pots and faders send midi note or controller data. The sequencer rings become pages so it might be as much as 16 banks of controller assignments
  2. has anyone tried their pd1 with an iConnect MIDI2+?

    i wanted to add to this. The iconnect2+ won't work as it doesn't have a usb host port the iconnect4+ will This will http://compasflamenco.com/usb-host-midi-p-6.html?language=en the kenton will of course
  3. Bug using Pad Action feature

    it doesn't do this on mine? You don't have a midi loop do you?
  4. has anyone tried their pd1 with an iConnect MIDI2+?

    another thought. I was meaning to check this as well. If the trackformer software unlocks all of the hidden editing potential, doesn't that mean it is totally configurable via sysex? How else could they communicate?
  5. has anyone tried their pd1 with an iConnect MIDI2+?

    thanks for the write up. I haven't usb midi'd my PD1 yet but I intend to. Surely in terms of receiving midi, each bank is on it's own midi channel? Are you saying the sequencer plays each bank on the same midi channel? I should check it for myself but I am curious as you have it all hooked up. Love your gear by the way. Casio and Meebleep ftw
  6. XW-PD1 Significant price drop.

    sorry but there is nothing new on that page for the trackformer. what were you referring to?
  7. XW-PD1 Significant price drop.

    Where is it 89 euros!?
  8. XW-PD1 Significant price drop.

    Where is it 89 euros!?
  9. Hi, I think I would like to try using my pd1 to sequence my volca keys and beats. I would prefer to use the midi+ as it is cheaper and does more than the kenton. Can anyone confirm it will work? http://www.juno.co.uk/products/iconnectivity-iconnect-midi2-lightning-edition-interface/555535-01/ Kind regards, Mike
  10. is there a bug with recording pads set to effect?

    ok well thanks for trying. On my machine, i haven't found a way to get the effect as setup with the two knobs, saved into a pattern. I have read both manuals but it doesn't seem to work in practice. For instance, get a blank pattern set pad to effect choose LPF set the fx1 knob cutoff to fully left the cutoff will be fully closed record a pad press when the pattern loops the effect triggers with the lpf at 64/middle ie it forgot that I wanted the lpf knob 1 fully left. Even if I try to record turning the knob fully left while the pattern is recording: It only keeps the automation if I press stop before the pattern loops What is played back isn't what I recorded. It sounds like it is interpolating the values from 64 to 0 and back. Mike
  11. is there a bug with recording pads set to effect?

    Hi, Thanks for the reply. I don't expect it to record knob movements or automation. I just thought it would store the value of fx1 and fx2 when you add or record the step. Otherwise what is the record FX knobs setting for in the Settings menu? Kind regards, Mike
  12. Hi, Hopefully Casio can clear this up. Had mine a couple of days now but I think it's stopped behaving how it should. When I set a pad to effect and hit record, it used to record the effect as it sounded, e.g with the fx knobs in the position they were set to. So say the fx1 knob controlled speed, the sequenced pad presses would play back at the speed I recorded them at. Now my sequenced fx pad hits always play back with the fx controls on default/middle. This is rubbish as the sequence will never play back as I recorded it. Now I know in settings you can choose whether the fx control knobs are recorded or not. However whichever setting I put it on, the undesirable behaviour is the same; the fx reinitialise each time the sequenced pad press loops. It seems impossible to me that having the option to record the fx control knobs in settings would not result in them being recorded! Like I say, I thought it was doing it but not so sure now. One final example. Say I had the Chopper effect assigned to a pad. You would obviously want the speed of the chopping saving in the pattern. I seemed to manage to do it before so the speed of the chopping was in time with the drums. Now when I do it, whatever was set is reset each time the pattern loops, so my pattern never sounds in time. It's almost like i've somehow got my PD1 stuck in don't record effect controls mode!!!!! Can anyone comment? Casio? Kind regards, Mike