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  1. Presetting slider values in Stage Settings

    Brad, first I want to say that I don't consider you my personal tech guy, but I am a little desperate with a big gig coming up in a few days. I have 3 wav files that are on a USB stick that I play on the Audio Recorder/Media button. They are appropriately labeled in the TAKE__.wav format. Until today, these files would automatically advance to the next in the list in the player, once the previous file had completed playing. This was great because all my wife had to do to play the next file was press the Start/Stop button. However, the keyboard is no longer automatically advancing to the next file. It will only replay the current file. I have no idea why this started. Can you help me out? I would appreciate it very much. I have taught her how to call up the TAKE file menu and use the plus key (+) to advance to the next file, then hit "Start/Stop", but it was so much easier when the keyboard automatically queued up the NEXT file in the list after the current file had completed its playback. She's a pianist, not a computer person. Best, Clifton
  2. Presetting slider values in Stage Settings

    Thanks Brad. How do I add modulation to a Zone in a Stage Setting? I figured out how to add it to an entire Stage Setting (reassign modulation effect to a slider, set and save), but I only want it in one Zone of a Split. Specifically, clarinet in the right hand with some vibrato, and piano in the left hand no vibrato. Perhaps I have to edit the Tone itself -- GM Clarinet #61 -- Thanks!
  3. Found my answer in Mike Martin's "Clinic 1" video at 21 minutes. Thanks!