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  1. Bough a CTK7300IN last year in may. It was my best purchase decision. I started using it for some usual live performances. It was working fine, there wasnt't any complain until this september. I was using it at my teacher's day performance at school. Suddenly the mic started giving wierd sounds so i switched the mic off. Moments later same sounds started coming from my keyboard's speaker. After that i switched it off and then back on. After the performance was over checked it the piano tone was like some what changed. Now, the piano sound of CTK3200 sound better to me than the CTK7300IN. What should i do. Tommorow I have a competition and playing the song on piano tone. Can someone help me out with it? Or send me a better piano tone. Need it fast. Please help.
  2. Indian tunes and rhytms on ctk-7300in

    Yes you can just use data manager to transfer these files
  3. Indian tunes and rhytms on ctk-7300in

    i have uploaded some of my rhythms above you can use it

    you cannot upload drum sets
  5. Old Casio AC7 Rhythm (Style) Files

    thanks for sharing them
  6. veena sounds like that only it sounds different at the end but sorry i cannot send anything today as from today we start our puja vacation and i have got some homeworks and will complete it today so i can send rest tones tommorow and i am having some fever too
  7. i am sunny jha or sj aged 11 years and have played this songs Titantic.mid Movie_Themes_-_Titanic_-_My_Heart_Will_Go_On_(Techno_Mix).mid Bol Do Na Zara Azhar.mid
  8. indian rhythems which jibin had reqested and 1 indian tone Bhajan 2.AC7 Bhangra 2.AC7 Dadra 2.AC7 Dadra Tp&Tb.AC7 Dandiya 2.AC7 DepchndiTpTb(2).AC7 DepchndiTpTb.AC7 Garba 2.AC7 Jhap Taal 1.AC7 Jhap Taal 2.AC7 KeharwaTp&Tb.AC7 Indian Pop 2.AC7 Keharwa 2.AC7 Indian Pop 3.AC7 Teen Taal 2.AC7 TeenTaalTpTb.AC7 Veena 1.TN7
  9. CASIO CTK-7300

    sorry for my foolishness
  10. CASIO CTK-7300

    which model you are talking about ctk7300 or ctk7300in i have a ctk 7300in and i am from india
  11. USB Midi driver for Windows 10

    i also have windows 10 and my ctk7300in works well with it
  12. HELLO i have played 2 more songs in my way from the movie titanic Movie_Themes_-_Titanic_-_My_Heart_Will_Go_On_(Techno_Mix).mid Titantic.mid
  13. hey members i am sunny jha or sj aged 11 years from deoghar jharkhand india. i have a ctk 7300in casio keyboard this is an indian song from the movie AZHAR Song - BOL DO NA ZARA Bol Do Na Zara Azhar.mid
  14. i know that we can share the data through data manager but i don' know how to save inbuilt tones to user tones?????
  15. i want to know how to share inbuilt tones as i am a new one