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  1. I am doing a software update on my px560 using a usb stick.. In the instructions it is mentioned that after the update I need to run initialize all. I;m not sure how to do that and am somewhat worried about any losing any internal midi data I have recorded on the instrument will be lost. Please advise and thanks !
  2. firmware for PX560?

    I am trying to perform a firmware update from 1.0 to 1.1. After I downloaded the update to my computer I then transferred to a usb stick but when I inserted it into the px560 and hit execute I got a media load ERROR so was not able to complete the update. Any suggestions for what I am doing wrong. I noticed there was a list of activities about zip and unzipping the data and something about converting to Fat 32 . I wasn't able to figure that out but the download was successful from computer to USB stick . Not sure what to do next ??? :-(((
  3. Midi Recording

    Okay ... I figured out what to do. I was worried about recording over my song data but then saw the window for " New Data " which actually opens a new " No Title " song screen. Happy now :-)
  4. Midi Recording

    Frustrated :-( Today I wanted to start a new midi recording with the built-in sequencer. In the past as soon as I touched the record button a new " No title" would pop up in the song title area. This time when I touch the record button the song title area shows a song that I have named( and already have data in) instead of putting in a new place to record. I'm not sure what to do to enable a new song file " No title " window to open for recording. Any ideas what is going on ? Thank you !
  5. unable to connect to computer

    I am having the same problem on my PX 560. I have connected to my computer using the type b port on the backside of the keyboard to the type a usb connector to my laptop. Neither my computer or the keyboard recognize the connection. My purpose is to update the firmware to the 1.1.
  6. Thanks Brad ... interestingly enough I did figure out that I could only use the audio recorder because vocals aren't midi material. I was able to record vocals over my rhythm and piano playing. I'll just record my backup vocals and then sing over them. Thank you for your help. I'm relatively smart BUT I am technically challenged so can really use all the help I can get :-) I should probably just connect the keyboard to the computer and use Pro Tools but that is a whole other set of technical challenges.
  7. Thank you for the above info. I have succeeded in running my mic cable into my mixer using regular mike cables XLR and then back out to my PX560 " Line In " port. I now can hear my vocals through the piano but still cannot get my vocals to record using the onboard sequencer. Any idea why this might not be working for me ?
  8. Sequencer Question

    Thanks tnicoson ... I think I didn't quite communicate my question properly. I was trying to record two tones ( upper ) & (lower ) " using the split point" ... to a single track at the same time. It wasn't the System track but another solo track. It was easier for me to record the bass AND chords onto one track because it kept me from getting lost in the song sequence. The "problem " I encountered was this ...although both tones were highlighted when I recorded the track... when I played it back the recorded material only included the upper voice tone and NOT the bass ( lower) tone. Maybe it is not possible to record two tones using the split point. Perhaps only layered tones can be recorded to one track at a time ??? That was what I was trying to communicate. Thanks !
  9. Gwen

    Is there a separate appendix to the Casio PX5 manual that does not come with the piano ?
  10. Sequencer Question

    Hi Keyboard Lovers, I'm working on a new song. I have a layered tone on top and split point with base on bottom. I recorded my drums on the system track. Next I tried to record the next track for my chords and base line onto track 1. What was recorded was the upper voices only with no baseline. I can I record notes using the full keyboard onto one track ?
  11. Metronome Volume

    Forgot to mention I own the PX 560
  12. Metronome Volume

    I am recording a new song using the metronome. I changed the volume in general settings but it is still really loud when recording a track. Is there a way to change the volume while in the midi record mode ?
  13. PX-560 settings and key sound

    Hi , Yes I think the keyboard is a bit noisy but unless you are playing very low volume it should not be an issue. I almost didn't buy this Casio for that reason. However after playing the Korg Krome, MOXFX8 , and the Yamaha 266 ( ? ) I concluded that Casio offered the best package for me. I found the MOX to be very hard to play , the Krome with too thin keys and the Yamaha ... nicest keyboard feel BUT weighing in at over 50 lbs was not feasible for a gigging piano. I ordered the PX5-S and the PX560 and tried them both this week. I'm keeping the PX560 cause I could play / and program it right out of the box ... great user interface & touch screen. MOXFX and PX5-S make you jump through way too many hoops to get to the reason you bought the piano in the first place" to play and create " :-))) Wish the Casio had as good of drum patches as the Yamaha but I guess you can't have everything.