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  1. Anyone using a Midi controller keyboard with the MZ-X500 for live performance, controlling Upper/Lower Tones and auto accompaniment through the Midi controller keyboard ? Whereby selected Upper and Lower tones can be dedicated to the controller keyboard enabling other tones to be played on the MZ-X500 at the same time. Like a two manual organ. Everything being controlled by the MZ-X500 What are the possibilities of other features such as split being dedicated to the controller keyboard? Also can a controller keyboard be powered from the MZ's USB ?
  2. I've played around with VST (virtual sound technology) available on the internet and virtual instruments in music software loaded in ipads (Garage Band) but you are dependent on the tablet or pc everytime. You cannot load these sounds directly into the the keyboard
  3. Where are all the Casio MZ-X' tutorials?

    Enterprising dealerships often provide online tutorials for their customers and to promote sales. (ie Yamaha)
  4. Priority

    Don't forget we still have the ongoing KEY RELEASE fault: http://www.casiomusicforums.com/index.php?/topic/13347-key-release-fault/&do=findComment&comment=38678
  5. new Korg Pa700

    Korg PAs are the slowest to boot-up and load. There seems to be little change with the PA 700 in this aspect, over the PA 600. This is an important feature for me when I get inspiration or have a musical idea I want to get down quickly. I'm not alone even Miles Davis is reputed to have rushed around to his friends house, in the middle of the night, to get a new 'riff' down quickly before he lost it !
  6. Furthermore, depending on your style of playing, whether you need complete accompaniment styles or just rhythm tracks I've noticed a lot of Pros' with say a two keyboard set up and maybe midi bass pedals just create their own rhythm tracks preferring to add their own left hand accompaniment, like you would play an organ. -Especially players playing dance music.
  7. Great appraisal of Yamaha's Musicsoft style files available to buy. In fact as you say a whole cottage industry has sprung up whereby enterprising Yamaha owners are creating and selling styles for PSR and Tyros independently in order to make money, but as you also rightly say this can be very time consuming.
  8. It's fantastic that Casio, via this forum, with its Experts and Administrators still seeks to help and supports older instruments. Other manufactures take note ! -Customer loyalty works both ways
  9. Keys Getting Very Noisy

    For interest:
  10. Keys Getting Very Noisy

    Kris Nicholson seems to stick felt to all his Yamaha and Casio keyboards to dampen noise
  11. Orchestral wind chimes

    Thank you kindly Lobbard but I was thinking of a more chromatic glissando effect. -Ideally descending As you say I may have to hunt down a WAV sample from somewhere
  12. Orchestral wind chimes

    The need for a decent Orchestral Wind Chime Pad tone has already been raised on other Casio product forums. Those embed in the Drum kits are a poor substitute.and are sampled too fast Has anyone had any success in producing Orchestral Chimes maybe using Sample Manager? Chimes can be such a useful effect when used between verses of songs.
  13. Hi Rick- what 'midi file player' did you use to audition and swop midi channels (Sound Forge?) to relocate midi channel parts between CH9-16 for the MZ-X500?
  14. Newbie problem! tone "Stuck"

    See my post 'KEY RELEASE FAULT' http://www.casiomusicforums.com/index.php?/topic/13347-key-release-fault/ If you go to Tone Edit - Touch Response and adjust it will also cure the problem -saves rebooting everytime !
  15. New rhythms for your MZ-X500

    Great job ! Were the Yamaha styles earlier than the later Yamaha styles where you have to load them first into YEM (Yamaha Expansion Manager). I would be interest to know how you did the Conversion