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  1. Hi Rick- what 'midi file player' did you use to audition and swop midi channels (Sound Forge?) to relocate midi channel parts between CH9-16 for the MZ-X500?
  2. See my post 'KEY RELEASE FAULT' If you go to Tone Edit - Touch Response and adjust it will also cure the problem -saves rebooting everytime !
  3. rhythms

    Great job ! Were the Yamaha styles earlier than the later Yamaha styles where you have to load them first into YEM (Yamaha Expansion Manager). I would be interest to know how you did the Conversion
  4. To be able to save Registrations collectively by Bank would also be nice where numerous different registrations are used within the same song .
  5. See post 'Safe Storage and transport of a Keyboard' in the Members Lounge
  6. Applying a screen protector might mask also these scratches ?
  7. Interesting Rick. Here are some of my recorded KEY RELEASE FAULTS: TAKE00.WAV TAKE01.WAV TAKE02.WAV TAKE03.WAV TAKE04.WAV TAKE05.WAV
  8. I too migrated from Tyros 5 and PSR 970 simply because the touchscreen OS logic is so logical and easy to follow and the whole machine is just so fascinating. We could do with more song cover representation on Youtube like KAMPOS8705 Styles Melody Casio MZ-X500 <>
  9. Thanks Brad, but it's only after extended use the problem occurs, and such occurrences maybe weeks apart?
  10. Rick/Corey: Invariably Organ Flute Tone 0186
  11. Basically standalone, but I do connect a midi bass pedal which I have proved to myself is not related to the E5 key fault. Latest v1.50 firmware also installed
  12. In an earlier post I reported that I had experienced an intermittent fault with the MZ-X500 whereby Tones continued to sound after key release particularly on the E5 Key? Rick Sterling suggested I recorded these with the inbuilt Audio Recorder, when they occurred which I did. In turn my first MZ-X500 was returned for repair/replacement, with the recorded evidence, and a month latter I received a new replacement MZ-X500 under warranty. With no explanation of what fault was found with my first MZ-X500. I have now had my replacement MZ-X500 for about four months... and guess what?.... I am experiencing the same intermittent problem yet again with E5 Key Tones still sounding on key release. I first noticed this fault within two months of ownership and again with the replacement MZ-X500 ....and I class myself as a careful non-heavy fist-ed player with a classical bent. Repeated pressing the offending E5 key does not resolve the problem -which obviously cannot be attributed to a doggy key bed switch, BUT WHAT I HAVE DISCOVERED IS THAT WHEN I GO INTO TONE EDIT AND TOUCH KEY RELEASE NOMINALLY SET AT '00' FOR DEFAULT TONES AND RESET IT BACK TO '00' AGAIN, (EVEN MOVING THE KNOB BACK AND FORTH BY ONE DIGIT) THE FAULT DISAPPEARS... until the next time this annoying intermittent fault occurs which maybe a few weeks/months hence ? Similarly re-booting the MZ-X500 temporary resolves the fault -as I discovered and reported in my earlier post with my first MZ-X500 What is going on here? If I am experiencing this same fault on my second MZ-X500 surely other users somewhere must be experiencing the same fault ? Following my discovery that the fault is related to KEY RELEASE in Tone Edit, perhaps the fault can be resolved by a future Firmware Update ? Nevertheless CASIO need to look into this fault. Otherwise the MZ-X500 is a fantastic keyboard I never tire of playing. -It's just this bug.
  13. Make a MIDI recording of the Demo track....print it out as Sheet music and seek to get it published... then the real composer might come forward to challenge it's publication on copyright grounds !! However, it could turn out to be an expensive way of finding out because of legal costs .
  14. Thanks Brad for the explanation
  15. Why are not all Tone Files compatible across all Casio instruments that support the same file derivation? (ie ZLT, ZPF etc...) Some ZLT Hex tone files, that have not been generated on the MZ-X500, don't seem to load and a 'WRONG DATA' message comes up. Some recent forum user downloads are a case in point. Obviously ZPF are not compatible with the MZ. Any comments?