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  1. Using a Ctk6200 as a MIDI controller

    A Midi Host unit will take the CTK6200 USB midi messages and give you conventional DIN Midi 'in' and 'out'. If the CTK6200 has an inbuilt mixer,midi channels can also be further controlled, by means of the mixer controls transmitting on midi port 'A' -See the CTK6200's Midi implementation chart for details
  2. CT-X VS MZ-X

    The screen on the MZ-X500/300 is a necessity these days on arrangers. The screen on the CT-X5000/3000 is a retro grade step in a new arranger. This same screen has been around some time on earlier Casio models. Arrangers such as the Technics KN models eighteen years ago had bigger more intuitive screens than the CT-X. Yes Casio did rise to the occasion in giving users a decent screen with the PX 560 and MZ-X500/300 models but will we have to all wait another eighteen years for Casio to bring out another MZ whose type of screen has become the norm these days? It would appear like the MZ-2000 and now with the MZ-X500/300 these keyboards are Casio LIMITIED EDITION arrangers ?
  3. Real MIDI on CT-X5000?

    What you need is a Midi Host unit which converts the USB messages to Midi DIN 'in' and 'out' into which you can plug in conventional DIN Midi controllers and equipment The keyboard's Midi Implementation Chart will tell you which Midi channels are exported from the keyboard's Rhythm tones etc... which can be controlled by the keyboard's mixer. I don't think the CT-X700/800 has a mixer but the 3000 and 5000 models do.
  4. The CT-X range!

    Any manuals on the CT-X3000/5000 yet?
  5. Can ZTN tone files be imported?

    Thanks again Brad
  6. Studying the manuals, can ZTN tone files be imported as part of ZRM data? (Since ZTN data are not listed as a type of individual file that can be imported in the manuals only registration ZRM files which it says can also include other data such as rhythms etc...) I'm wondering if by this means additional ZTN Tone Files, say from other Casio keyboards can be imported via the CT-X Data Manager. Or will ZRM files only recognise the CT-X tones or the embed-ed CT-X keyboard tones when ZRM files are imported?
  7. CT-X700 vs CT-X800 ?

    Thanks Brad for spotting CTK instead of CT-X
  8. CT-X700 vs CT-X800 ?

    http://support.casio.com/pdf/008/ctk_800_01_e.pdf ......From the Casio International /support website Brad ?
  9. CT-X700 vs CT-X800 ?

    Polyphony is 48 max for the CT-X700 whereas it drops to 32 max CT-X800
  10. CT-X700 vs CT-X800 ?

    Thanks Brad for the info'
  11. CT-X700 vs CT-X800 ?

    STOP PRESS: An additional USB port ! -For slightly higher price
  12. What's the difference ?
  13. SETTINGS- Preload Tone Select

    Thanks for this link Brad
  14. HANK1.ZTN

    All these of these Hank Marvin guitar sounds are fantastic -Muso7 certainly knows what he's doing in creating these ! Edit

    All three of these Hank Marvin guitar sounds are fantastic -Muso7 certainly knows what he's doing in creating these !