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  1. USB Storage 32Gb

    Thanks I've learnt something !
  2. USB Storage 32Gb

    Does anyone know the reason why Casio on the MZ-X500 have limited the use of compatible USB flash drives to a maximum 32Gb as per the manual EN70? Is it something to do with how much data can be displayed at any one time on the touch screen when 'Media' is selected ?
  3. What you use it for MZ 500/300

    Church worship services, weddings and funerals. Also the MZ-X500 has some good pipe organ tones
  4. Next Generation MZ-X wish list

    OTS link (like Yamaha) enabling Tones to be allocated to Rhythm Variations directly which will free up the Registration Buttons to store complete songs individually. This would be useful for live performance.
  5. Version 1.0.0


    Some more Old Casio AC7 Rhythm (Style) files x15 Enjoy
  6. Assignable Knobs K1 & K2

    Thanks CasioCTK
  7. Assignable Knobs K1 & K2

    Thanks CasioCTK and how are you switching these Tones on/off ?
  8. Assignable Knobs K1 & K2

    Out of interest: what are players finding useful about these controllers, and for what functions including midi ? -Saving their set up within registrations
  9. MZ-X500 as an ORGAN

    Photos' added
  10. MZ-X500 as an ORGAN

    MZ-X500 Organ (see photo' attached) comprising of: M-Audio 61 midi controller keyboard, Nord 27 Key Bass Pedals Miditech Merge 4 (to maintain the integrity of the midi 'out' signals as they merge into the Midi 'in' on the back of the MZ-X500 Tones from Upper 1 & 2 and Lower 3 & 4 now selectable from the midi channel selected on the M-Audio. - See Midi Implementation chart in the MZ's manuals (ie CH1 Upper 1, CH2 Upper 2 etc...) The Nord bass pedals are dedicated to channel 3 only, although Roland bass pedals have channel selection which would offer even more scope and versatility ! So I'm now enjoying playing my MZ=X500 as a two manual organ with bass pedals opening up for me a whole new music experience,- with the MZ giving me complete control of what's selected on the controller keyboard and bass pedals in a 'master- slave' set up, -Great !
  11. Midi File Player

    I've answered my question: the blue looping box was invariably showing red, hence continuous play ! One lives and learns !!
  12. Midi File Player

    When reviewing/auditioning my midi files, that I've created on the MZ-X500, in the midi file player, all my listed midi files play consecutively unless a midi file containing no data is put between them, in the listing or until I stop the player transportation. Am I missing a trick, to stop them all playing consecutively so that they stop automatically at the end of each individual file? When loaded and played from the Main Screen they do stop automatically at the end of the file.
  13. Midi Controller Keyboards & MZ-X500

    Thanks Brad for your thoughtful comments. I've seen this work on a keyboard with two sets of Midi IN and Out (Midi A Midi B )
  14. Anyone using a Midi controller keyboard with the MZ-X500 for live performance, controlling Upper/Lower Tones and auto accompaniment through the Midi controller keyboard ? Whereby selected Upper and Lower tones can be dedicated to the controller keyboard enabling other tones to be played on the MZ-X500 at the same time. Like a two manual organ. Everything being controlled by the MZ-X500 What are the possibilities of other features such as split being dedicated to the controller keyboard? Also can a controller keyboard be powered from the MZ's USB ?
  15. I've played around with VST (virtual sound technology) available on the internet and virtual instruments in music software loaded in ipads (Garage Band) but you are dependent on the tablet or pc everytime. You cannot load these sounds directly into the the keyboard