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  1. Last night me and brother managed to uninstall celviano and we suceed to fix it it was a carbon dirt on the sensor under the key now its functioning very well
  2. well my celviano is not under warranty cause I buy it from ordinary store not dealing with casio any how I don't have air blower but I just tried electric cleaner with narrow head to clean up or dislodge the dirt but didn't help even I realized clean Greas come up to outside meaning good vacuum but I guess its not dirt but may be some sort simple mechanical problem under they key Im living in Iraq Arbil as far I know there is no casio service here so will try to fix it with my brother, I mean will open it on our risk in hope to fix it
  3. hello every one Im new in this forum.... greetings to all my celviano-450 WE is new only 6 months last night sudden of all white key number 15 (from left) started to loose its tone response and become louder than all other keys what ever I press soft or hard its much much louder than others I tried unplugging the piano useless. change tone sensitivity from 1-4 its useless any one can help thanks