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  1. Updating the XW Firmware

    Yes i did it a week ago, went perfect! Disconnect your internet, anti-virus software, don't run any other software and follow the casio update conditions. I walk away and after 10 minutes the keyboard was up again and showed version 1.11 in the settings. I have windows 10 version. Regards, Frank
  2. Is the MZ-X500/300 a synthesizer? Regards, Frank
  3. The XW-P1 Companion, Volume 1 - Rev 4

    Downloaded this masterpiece. Many thanks for your incredible work! Frank
  4. Time stretching user samples

    Hello Chas, Thanks for the suggestion i will look into this. Concering the multi-sampling, i can only use 5 samples of 1 note in the editor so will sampling of say the 5 C keys be sufficient enough for a good representation of a sampled tone? [edit] Sorry you gave the answer in your first reply. Will try that! [/edit] I don't know how to put samples under all 61 keys or even if this i possible on the XW-G1? Regards, Frank
  5. Hello Brad, I updated my XW-P1 to the latest firmware 1.11 and it has the same behavior as the XW-G1 in the Solo Synth section, so i assume it is by design. Question answered and many thanks for your assistance. Regards, Frank
  6. Hello Brad, Yes it sounds like portamento. Will record something beginning of next week. Thanks, Frank
  7. Hello all, Hope i'm not too annoying, but here is an other question. What ever solosynth tone i play i mostly always get a small glide on the first note i play in a number of notes on the XW-G1. When i play a melody and i wait a few seconds the note then played has again that glide on it. Does somebody know what is going on? Latest firmware. Regards, Frank
  8. Time stretching user samples

    Hello Brad, I'm totally new on the XW-P1, must i do this in the Casio Data-editor, user wave tone editor part or on the XW itself? I sample 5 C tones and want them all to have the same tone length like for example the GRAND 1.ZWT which is very good! Please explain any deeper for this noob. Regards, Frank
  9. Vs-klavi

  10. MoogBigBass

    Big thanks!
  11. Magnum Guitar

  12. Djerazore Great gift PACK. August 2014

  13. Time stretching user samples

    Hello @WX-Addict Please could you explain a little bit more in Dutch? Can´t find a way to get it right. Regards, Frank
  14. Time stretching user samples

    Hello Chas, Yes, the pitch is ok! but the sample time must also be the same. I loaded 5 samples with the editor, that went fine, but they need stretching I have no clue how to make the samples the same size at all frequencies so i can play a decent chord. Could you please explain a bit more? Regards, Frank
  15. Hello All, Can't find this in the manual but does the XW-G1 do time stretching or pitch modification so that i can play a real chord with my user samples? Regards, Frank