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  1. Bought one today....

    👍 Good going Pete. I use my Kronos 2 with the MX500. Works great! Have you seen the new analogue 16 channel keyboard from Korg?
  2. Boards with video out for singalongs?

    Korg PA700 or PA1000 have video out, lyrics and score output.
  3. Bought one today....

    Hi Pete! So you finally broke down and got it! 😉 CONGRATS! How's everything 'down under'? cheers, Rick
  4. Versatile Tones / Articulations / Realism

    MX500 polyphony is 128 ;-)

    Absolutamente correto! ;-)
  6. Are there any styles/rhythms available?

    Probably will be no better or worse than their BK7 offerings.

    Actually they speak Portuguese in Brazil. Portuguese is part of the Ibero-Romance group that evolved from several dialects of Vulgar Latin in the medieval Kingdom of Galicia, and has kept some Celtic phonology and lexicon. I speak a bit of Spanish, but find I can only understand about 1 in 5 words or Portuguese, perhaps a bit more when the speaker is talking about the Casio MX500. ;-) Many of the tutorial videos on that page can be auto-translated (loosely) to English by turning on Subtitles then turn on subtitle translate to English.
  8. Are there any styles/rhythms available?

    Yes, an MP3 is an audio file. By the way, DO NOT load any of the ZAL files above before you save all your current settings and custom tones/rhythms. A ZAL file will over-write all user data in your keyboard so be sure to back up your work first!
  9. Are there any styles/rhythms available?

    This is what you should be looking for on that page ...
  10. Are there any styles/rhythms available?

    Try using Google Chrome for your browser or use these direct links... http://www.casioteclados.com.br/mundomzx/m/img/downloads/BR_500_2.zip http://www.casioteclados.com.br/mundomzx/m/img/downloads/kitgospelbr.zip http://www.casioteclados.com.br/mundomzx/m/img/downloads/GOSP_Latam_500.zip http://www.casioteclados.com.br/mundomzx/m/img/downloads/500_KITPERU.zip http://www.casioteclados.com.br/mundomzx/m/img/downloads/LATIN500.zip
  11. Are there any styles/rhythms available?

    Search for "Downloads dos Ritmos" on that page. Try this link ... http://www.casioteclados.com.br/mundomzx#ritmos_gratuitos

    Here are the 19 video titles translated to English ... CASIO KEYBOARDS I CONCEPTUAL I MZ-X500 (Overview) CASIO KEYBOARDS I CONCEPTUAL I MZ - X300 (Overview) MZ-X I Overview MZ-X I Overview How to play wav and mp3 files How to edit your tones and your drum kits How to create your own tones and drum kits in Sample Manager How to Create New Rhythms Creating and Saving Records and Performances Pedals, Connections and Mid Controller How to use the Pads Organ Functions with Drawbar Midi and Sequencer Layer Split and Hexlayer BR Kit Factory Reset and Update Firmware Balance and Metronome Settings Enable Arpeggiator function Changing touchscreen applications
  13. Happy New Year

    Thank you Chris for your kind wishes. Hoping you have a Great New Year!

    My pleasure. I'm glad you have found it useful. cheers, Rick ps. Just downloaded PSRUTI and it looks quite useful!