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  1. Wouldn't bother me. If this is the only bug I'll see in the MZ-X I'll be thrilled! ;-) The reboot time for this instrument is measured in seconds. It takes me 12 seconds to cycle the power on the X500. By the way, there is a LOT more to the X300 upgrade than the LCD touch screen!
  2. X300 without question in my opinion. Polyphony 128 vs 64, Tones 900 vs 800, Virtual Tone Wheel Organ 9 drawbars Yes vs No, Touchscreen Yes vs No, Pads 4 vs 0, Audio Power per Channel 40 vs 7 watts. See the specs here ... MZ- X300 Specs CTK 7200 Specs In my opinion though it isn't that great a leap in $$ ($200 at Amazon) from the X300 to the X500 ... Do yourself a treat and get the X500 ;-)
  3. That's great Allanon! My poor PA600 has been languishing in a closet ever since my MX500 came to play! ;-)
  4. Reminds me a bit of hung MIDI notes where there was no matching MIDI OFF to a MIDI ON control. Perhaps something similar is happening in the DtoA converter memory stack. The system put something in there to convert then forgets it so it plays on forever.
  5. I made this post in another topic back in January of this year... ----> I spoke with Ralph Maten and he told me that the EDM tones he created will be released by Casio Europe at some indeterminate time in the future. quoted by permission ... " hi rick, i would like to give everyone the data. but it is not allowed to me to do that. casio europe will upload this data but i can not tell you when. if you want you can contact liza from the marketing department, fedorova@casio.deyours ralph" <------ I just checked the Casio Europe web site and did not see Ralph's EDM samples there yet. Sorry. You might try contacting Liza as Ralph suggested.
  6. I just had a similar fault occur on my MX500. While playing with ACCOMP on there was suddenly a background tone that started. I went through every system parameter I could to see if anything would turn it off. Nada! Funny thing was that I was not using organ tones, but the artifact does sound 'organ like'. I was able to record a few seconds of the artifact, here it is for your analysis. MX500 Fault
  7. Can you identify any particular tone you have used before the fault appears? Can you do anything that will cause the fault to appear consistently? Although I have never seen this fault myself, it doesn't mean it is not there. These systems have millions of degrees of freedom, so we might never see the fault that you have found as we never use the instrument in the same way.
  8. I haven't used the sample manager yet, but intend to get into it soon. I have had some fun creating custom tones (sounds) from the X500's tone bank samples. Amazing what you can do with this instrument. I also have a Korg Kronos 2 that does the "heavy lifting" ;-)
  9. Try here ... http://support.casio.com/en/support/download.php?cid=008&pid=1326
  10. My pleasure.
  11. Thanks Brad, that works! Not that I ever use over-driven organ tones ;-)
  12. Just checked to see if it had anything to do with MIDI file type 0 & 1 as I know my VanBasco midi player will show track names for MIDI type 1 files but not for MIDI type 0. Didn't make any difference on X500. I can see what instrument is assigned to each track in the Mixer Display though.
  13. You can only record live keyboard data to MIDI. It's not a bug as it is clearly stated in the manual. I think you're right about the Overdrive parameter. It mostly increases the volume on my machine too. Gets a little 'dirty' with chords
  14. Nice! Of course Nicolò would have a fit! ;-)
  15. Open the X500_DRUMS.ins file in a text editor. I recommend TEXTPAD at textpad.com as it wont screw up the line terminations in the file. Scroll down to [Casio MZ-X500 USER DRUMS] and edit the line where you have stored your User Drum kit. For example if you stored a user drum kit at User 621 you would change the line '0=USER 621' to '0=MyDrumKit' where MyDrumKit is the name of your kit. Then reload the INS file into your Sonar program. Have fun!