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  1. Detailed questions about MZ-X500 and DAW integration

    Actually I did understand. Perhaps my answer wasn't clear enough. All real time changes like bass volume are temporary and will revert back to the saved parameter as soon as you select another rhythm element within the current style, unless you write your changes to a new style. Roland keeps the real time edited rhythm in memory until you change the style. Casio could easily also do this with a small change to the X500 firmware. Real time, latched adjustment of the rhythm channels via the faders would be a great upgrade to the X500 functionality.
  2. Detailed questions about MZ-X500 and DAW integration

    NO, I don't think so. As soon as you press a Fill or go to another Variation the keyboard will play back what has been saved for that rhythm and your real time adjustments are lost. You would need to create a User rhythm with your adjusted params then write that to a User Rhythm slot. You could then use the Registration buttons to quickly change the Rhythms between Styles during real time play.
  3. Detailed questions about MZ-X500 and DAW integration

    OK. I understand. You are correct. There will be no "updates" to the X500 to turn it into a Korg Kronos. ;-) p.s. I kept my Korg Kronos 2 when i got my X500. Love them both!
  4. Detailed questions about MZ-X500 and DAW integration

    A bit off -topic? Care to expound on what silly questions were asked and what silly answers were given?
  5. Detailed questions about MZ-X500 and DAW integration

    OK .., just thought I would check what the sliders are doing when they control Hex-Layer sounds. Fader 8 sends "Brightness" and Fader 9 send "Harmonic Content". No fader data is sent in Drawbar Organ mode.
  6. Detailed questions about MZ-X500 and DAW integration

    Nick, The PADS will send Note On and Note Off events for the midi data they trigger. They do not send a 'you pressed this Pad signal'. The sliders do not send any midi data currently. If in the future the sliders could be programmed to adjust Control Channel (CC#) data then I would expect they would then send that data out over Midi. The #1&2 control knobs do send CC# data according to their assignment. All Program Change events are sent of course. I downloaded MIDI-OX and MidiYoke apps to monitor the midi output from the X500 for these tests.
  7. Detailed questions about MZ-X500 and DAW integration

    Nick, I use Cakewalk Sonar with my X500. I've created an Instrument Definition file (available in the download section on this site) you can load into Sonar so it can directly access all factory & user tones as well as drum kits in the keyboard. That's all the DAW integration I need with the X500. All the usual Control Channel controls works fine. I typically do all my editing in the digital MIDI domain in Sonar then record the final output in analog either in Sonar or directly on the X500. Works for me. ;-)
  8. After up date v1.50

    Be sure to select the correct media type when you use LOAD ... ZLT is Hex Layer so you must select Hex Layer as your "Target Tone Group" for ZLT files to show. ZTN is normal tone so you should select Piano or Orgran, etc for the Target Tone Group. See page EN-61 of the English User Manual for definitions of the Data Types and their suffixes on the USB Flash Drive.
  9. After up date v1.50

    Sure ...

    Yes, as I said in my original post above, "These files can be edited in a text editor like TextPad to customize the instrument names to your liking or add new instruments in the USER sections." Enjoy.
  11. After up date v1.50

    Try putting your files in the root directory and then see if you see them.
  12. SAMPLES with Loops and ADSR System

    I thought I read it in one of the X500 technical reviews. Just now listening to the Grand Piano I think I can only hear four! ;-)
  13. After up date v1.50

    Try opening MUSICDAT. The new OS version allows the use of custom directories now.
  14. SAMPLES with Loops and ADSR System

    I would guess because the natural decay time for say C0 is much longer than C6. My question for the OP would be what's wrong with the factory pianos? ;-) I think they're pretty good for this class keyboard, can't compare with my Kronos 2 SGX-2: piano synthesis engine with 12 level velocity switching, but the X500 does OK with 4. (Edit: I originally said 5)
  15. Next Generation MZ-X wish list

    ... Deleted Off Topic Post ...