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  1. Chris, For the record I still own a Korg Kronos 2 and a Korg PA600. Both great instruments in their respective leagues. Nevertheless, I still love my MZ-X500, and it's the one that gets played almost every day. ;-) cheers, Rick P.S. You must have the patience of Job! ;-)
  2. I use Sonar Artist now.
  3. Congratulations Chris and HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!! 😉
  4. The user manuals located here ... http://support.casio.com/en/manual/manualfile.php?cid=008010003 will answer a lot of questions. As far as I know, the MIDI and Audio tracks are very separate entities and will not sync. MIDI tempo is easily changed but audio tracks are always in the tempo they were originally recorded in. Having said that there may be some "magic" you could do with the PADS. I haven't had time to do anything with PADS yet. ;-) cheers, Rick
  5. rhythms

    Good job! Thank you!
  6. Back up your entire board, then load Ralph's file. Then save the Rythyms, Tones and Regisyrations separately. Load your backup, then load in the separate elements you saved from Ralph's file.
  7. Thank you so much Ralph for your support of the MZ-X community. I for one am sincerely appreciative!
  8. Perhaps you should assign HOLD 1 in CONTROLLERS to Pedal 1 then enable it for Lower only?
  9. Isn't "Left Hold" the default? You need to press SYNCHRO STOP to have it not hold. Maybe I'm missing something here?
  10. mzx 300

    My pleasure Vishal. Your question helped me to learn something new about the X500 too! ;-)
  11. Audio is great. Just route outputs to a decent pair of monitors.
  12. mzx 300

    There is a way to do it by setting the Filter function for the FREEZE Button Go to page EN-40 for details. Go to main menu REGISTRATION and press the FILTER EDIT and set the FILTER to ON for everything except TONE. Now when you press the FREEZE button (lit up) you can change only TONES with the registration buttons.
  13. Wouldn't bother me. If this is the only bug I'll see in the MZ-X I'll be thrilled! ;-) The reboot time for this instrument is measured in seconds. It takes me 12 seconds to cycle the power on the X500. By the way, there is a LOT more to the X300 upgrade than the LCD touch screen!
  14. X300 without question in my opinion. Polyphony 128 vs 64, Tones 900 vs 800, Virtual Tone Wheel Organ 9 drawbars Yes vs No, Touchscreen Yes vs No, Pads 4 vs 0, Audio Power per Channel 40 vs 7 watts. See the specs here ... MZ- X300 Specs CTK 7200 Specs In my opinion though it isn't that great a leap in $$ ($200 at Amazon) from the X300 to the X500 ... Do yourself a treat and get the X500 ;-)
  15. That's great Allanon! My poor PA600 has been languishing in a closet ever since my MX500 came to play! ;-)