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    I've created INS files for the X500, There are separate INS files for instruments and drums. I've loaded this into Sonar and it appears to be working fine. These files can be edited in a text editor like TextPad to customize the instrument names to your liking or add new instruments in the USER sections. EDIT: I've Posted a ZIP file with the INS files here. Enjoy! best regards, Rick Sterling x500.zip
  2. After up date v1.50

    Try putting your files in the root directory and then see if you see them.
  3. SAMPLES with Loops and ADSR System

    I thought I read it in one of the X500 technical reviews. Just now listening to the Grand Piano I think I can only hear four! ;-)
  4. After up date v1.50

    Try opening MUSICDAT. The new OS version allows the use of custom directories now.
  5. SAMPLES with Loops and ADSR System

    I would guess because the natural decay time for say C0 is much longer than C6. My question for the OP would be what's wrong with the factory pianos? ;-) I think they're pretty good for this class keyboard, can't compare with my Kronos 2 SGX-2: piano synthesis engine with 12 level velocity switching, but the X500 does OK with 4. (Edit: I originally said 5)
  6. Next Generation MZ-X wish list

    ... Deleted Off Topic Post ...

    Terima kasha kembali!
  8. MZ-X500 as an ORGAN

    Thank you sir! Look awesome! Thank you for sharing!
  9. MZ-X500 as an ORGAN

    What's an MHT file? ;-)
  10. My first set of MZ-X500 Tones

    Randelph, No issues here with Windows 10
  11. Slider Levels and Customization

    These are excellent suggestions.
  12. My first set of MZ-X500 Tones

    Awesome! Thank you for sharing these!
  13. Priority

    If it is the USB drive then there's still the issue of MZ-X OS error handling. ;-) The OS should make sure the USB drive is the right size, tested, formatted and ready for use. Error handling is the one way for mfgs to cut corners to save time and firmware memory. Unfortunately when they do this you end up with fragile systems that will crash or freeze if the environment is not perfect.
  14. Priority

    Maybe they're busy creating new videos for the new MZ's ;-)
  15. Priority

    Jazzman, How many recordings did you do in one continuous session before the keyboard locked up? I think I have seen this behavior myself when I was doing a long series of recording sessions. Makes me think there might be a memory leak in the OS related to the Audio Recorder. After a period of time the OS loses enough memory to these processes that it eventually freezes the OS. Not nice.
  16. So, I tested the X500...

    Brad, It's really all about making the instrument my own and I'm afraid Korg spoiled me forever regarding rewritable factory resources. ;-)
  17. So, I tested the X500...

    See my edited post above. ;-)
  18. So, I tested the X500...

    I'd like to arrange the locations of my rhythms to suit my needs. I'd like to edit a grand piano and have it be in the right slot not somewhere off in the hinterlands of user memory. That way my preferred pianos are quickly available when I press the PIANO button. I'd like to store my preferred tones to the GM slots so I don't have to spend so much time editing midis.
  19. So, I tested the X500...

    I would add user rewritable factory rhythms and factory tones. Half the rhythm slots on the x500 are not my cup of tea.
  20. Priority

    If I ever ,need to do this the two handed approach works fine for me.
  21. Priority

    OK I think I see what you are talking about. If you program a registration with synchro start Intro 1 when you select that registration while playing another rhythm it goes immediately to Variation 1 not Intro 1. Not sure how I feel about that, it's not a 'feature' I would ever use in my playing as when I change rhythms in the middle of a song I don't want the intro to play again. Looks like a two handed approach is needed. Press the new registration with your right hand while pressing Intro 1 with your left? ;-)
  22. Priority

    Yes, no problem with loading registration when rhythm is playing. You'll need to create a YouTube video to show us the issue. I can't seem to replicate it here.
  23. Priority

  24. Why WOULDN'T one buy MZ X500 ?

    A classic case of "The Grass is Always Greener" syndrome. (sometimes expressed as "Buyer's Remorse") Example: "Many of you have heard the old saying that the grass is always greener on the other side. I can picture a farmer leaning against a wooden fence with a straw hat on examining the condition of his grass. As he looks down, he sees bare patches and other blemishes in his field. Looking over the fence to his neighbor’s field he sees nothing but green healthy growth. What this farmer doesn’t see are the many blemishes in the neighbor’s field because he’s not standing in it but looking at it from a distance." The E-A7 is not without its own blemishes.