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  1. Could some tell me how to assign a volume pedal to a zone please?
  2. PX-5s Mainstage 3 Layouts

    What's the best way to scroll through performance patches from Mainstage 3. Do you know what cc# I can assign a knob or button to scroll from Px5s? Thanks!
  3. PX-5s Mainstage 3 Layouts

    Also...my patch list is not visible when I with to the performance screen in MainStage 3. Any fix for this?
  4. PX-5s Mainstage 3 Layouts

    Thank you for the layout template. How can I scroll through my MainStage patch list from the px5s stage setting? What knob or cc assignment do you recommend?
  5. SW Rhodes

    I can't seem to open the zpf files on my Macbook pro. Any suggestions?
  6. External midi patch changes

    Never mind. Got it. I appreciate all your help Brad!
  7. External midi patch changes

    Thank you. I got it the stage settings happening. Now, if you could explain how to name a stage setting I'll be ready to rock!
  8. External midi patch changes

    No, i'm playing the Casio and the Kronos sounds are playing at the same time. I'm able to send patch changes from the casio to the Kronos but I don't want the hear the Kronos sound when I touch the Casio keyboard. I hope that makes sense.
  9. External midi patch changes

    Thank you Brad. The generator turned the Casio off. But I want the casio on and my external sounds not to play on casio.
  10. External midi patch changes

    Thank you. I am able to change patches now but I don't want to hear/play the sounds from my Px5s. How can I set it up to only hear them from my ext keyboard?
  11. External midi patch changes

    I just received my px5s and need to send patch changes from a stage setting to my Kronos X. Can someone help me with this? I have gigs this week. Thank you!