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  1. Px5-s as Master keyboard

    Good morning, I'm trying to use one (or two) of the zones of every single performance (the 3 and 4 usually) to change the sounds of the synths connected to the midi out of the Px-5s. I don't have any problem with my Fa-06 (I can change his performances without make a big work) but I have several problems with the Yamaha Mx-61 (the third keyboard of the chain). I think I have problems for the limits of my knowledge on the MSB LSB settings. Can you help me to understand how to set (in general) the Px-5s to transmit these kind of messages? I made a picture of the "reduced" screens in which are the fields I don't understand: 1) a sample of the zone 3 of one sample performance: I don't understand the "progbank out" role in the change of MSB and LSB field. 2) a sample of the MIDI "System setting" of the entire PX-5S: what are the tasks of "Stage setting change" and "Midi RX filter" in the command of external keyboards??? If possible I would like to know if there is a document (for the editor) more complete than the standard instructions which don't explain anything about the use as Master Keyboard. Thx in advance.
  2. Stage Settings default zone volume

    I have solved. thx to BradMZ. Disable slider 1 (expression) and enable slider 2 (only for the strings volume).
  3. Hi Almost new to this group. I need to use the Px-5 as Piano and sometime add some pad or strings. I play that together with other keyboards so I prefer to have everything ready to gig. I appreciate some of the standard Stage settings (like Pno+Stings for example) but i would like to know if I can start with a preset without any strings sound and add that moving the slider S1 (or S2, S3....) When you press the button of one of the original settings the strings are already mixed with the piano and it's possible to remove that only after (setting to zero the slider).I tried with the editor but I don't see any solution. Is there anybody who has got the answer? Thx in advance.
  4. Version 1.0.0


    List of the Mike Martin alternate order organized by type for the PX-5S.
  5. PX-5S Alternate Order Stage Setting List View File List of the Mike Martin alternate order organized by type for the PX-5S. Submitter thebounty Submitted 09/13/2016 Category PX-5S Other