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  1. portable power supply needs for a PX130

    Jokeyman, Excellent! If you click on the link I provided, you will see that one of the outlets is for a standard 3 prong plug, so I wouldn't need to use anything but the factory AC adapter, only plugged into this device rather than the wall. This power supply wouldn't replace any of Casio's fittings (I know about the whole "barrel" adapter problem, I came to a gig missing the AC adapter, and all hell broke loose; I ended up at a Guitar Center begging to borrow a floor model's, as no "normal, standard" AC adapters fit or worked, probably that "tip-negative" thing...) This particular power supply claims to power everything from laptops to...? So hearing that it will easily take care of the Casio makes me really pleased. Thanks.
  2. some overly loud notes; repair estimate?

    I have just come into possession of a PX130 that my business partner has finally upgraded after a good 4 years of me banging on it in lessons. I have two or three (one pretty regularly, the others intermittently) that are registered too fast an attack and are screamingly loud. There are some Casio repair shops in my area; has anyone had this issue addressed and repaired, and if so, what is a ballpark figure (per note, or per service, whatever) I could expect to shell out? Considering I now have this keyboard for free, as long as the repair isn't too expensive, it will be worth it. Thanks, Michael
  3. portable power supply needs for a PX130

    I have come into the possession of a PX130 and have some times where I won't have a reliable power supply nearby and will need to bring my own. I cannot find anywhere how many Watts the keyboard draws; does anyone one have that figure handy? I am looking at a possible solution: https://chargetech.com/product/portable-power-outlet/?matchtype=p&network=g&device=c&adposition=1t1&keyword=portable power outlet&gclid=Cj0KEQjwx96-BRDyzY3GqcqZgcgBEiQANHd-nph3h_Hp8VMf9MJGVVfjaHbbPj0v34xtV8hotUjE7t8aAoCp8P8HAQ However, this only outputs a max of 90W. Can anyone comment if this would work or not? Thanks in advance. Michael