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  1. Re The Sampler - Exactly what IS the problem --

    The problem with casio is that it says that the tool supports 256 MB, but no one can use 30 without making mistakes, so we were hampered with misleading advertising, and say that the user does not know how to handle, it's an option for them not to take responsibility, we do not want to compare with any other instrument, but rather, we want to take advantage of what was published, if not possible, note "0" for CASIO
  2. MZ X500 firmware updates

    We need new firmware, so that it works
  3. Next Generation MZ-X wish list

    I bought the instrument due to the 256Mb, but I can not use it, so for me it will no serve me the same, just ask Casio to respect the consumers and make this memory work so that we can enjoy, because unlike for us Brazilians, this instrument the way it's no good
  4. Next Generation MZ-X wish list

    We are commenting on the new desires of MZ-X, being that, the current ones do not work, if they do not correct, there are no new MZ-X, I say we can forget and go to other brands, because casio did not hit this line
  5. Next Generation MZ-X wish list

    Of what use these desires if the instrument hangs, can not handle, first we have to think about the correction of the bugs
  6. Priority

  7. Priority

    Dear friend BradMZ, I thought it was necessary to create another topic, because they apparently forgot to continue with the new update, but let it be clear, is that we Brazilians use the instrument to load user samples, and we do not use the factory bells, so Casio with the MZX offered us would be ideal, but this is not what is happening
  8. Priority

    I'm seeing the guys commenting on the advantages of MZ-X, and when a topic comes up asking for improvements, serious bug fixes that have this tool, it's being little commented, let's first focus on those defects, which is a priority.
  9. Priority

    There are also errors, when we mount a ZTN or ZDR ring and memorize them in the respective banks, they simply disappear, they disappear, and the bank in which it was stored is empty, the keyboard itself deletes what you created.
  10. new Korg Pa700

    We can not even compare any other keyboard that loads samples with MZX, because unfortunately the casio does not deliver what it promises, it launches an instrument that says to be able to use samples but can not use due to the bugs, errors that it presents when it loads some samples , a year ago I bought the MZ-X500 and can not work with it, even with the latest update, 1.50, I still hope that one day I can use it on the stage, if there is a new update to correct, but for now, currently using a PA50 from Korg.
  11. Priority

    All that our friend Silvano Silva posted, that's exactly what happens with my instrument too, and there's something else too, so that it serves 254 Mb of memory, if I can not use 30? I've been on the keyboard for over a year and I can not use it for these reasons
  12. Priority

    We are urgently in need of a new update to correct errors, is there anything foreseen?
  13. New update

    We are waiting for a new Firmware update, but it will take a long time
  14. New update

    Here in Brazil for example stopped the sale of it, bought the instrument and paid R $ 4000,00 and I can not sell it for R $ 2000.00
  15. New update

    Hello BradMZ Friend, by the way I think you still do not know what happens in the instrument, about the bugs, and crashes, they are serious defects, you can not use it until you get a new update to correct.