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  1. A#5 acting strange

    Very...interesting... If the fix is genuinely to repair the contact, then that should be easy enough to do at home. They make conductive repair kits just for this, so I think I'll look into that. Thanks for the help, JPKeys!
  2. A#5 acting strange

    Yes, and this did not work. It was one of the first things I tried.
  3. A#5 acting strange

    From all the information I have gleaned from here and from the facebook forum, I am pretty sure I can say that the A#5 is just a faulty key. Surely, there is a way to fix it...I'm sure of it...rather than replacing the whole damn logic board, right?
  4. A#5 acting strange

    1) I'd say no, mostly because I'm not the only one having this exact same problem. 2) I'm sure the MIDI messages sent would register a double key. I figured out how to get in to under the keybed, I am just going to try and replace the part myself, that should do it.
  5. A#5 acting strange

    Good day! First post here! My PX-5S is out of warranty, so I had no qualms about opening 'er right up. Long and short of it is, when I hit the A#5 key at about a 100 - 127 velocity, the note registers as a key press on and immediately off. So I press the key hard, and the grand piano sound goes "tink" when I hold it down, instead of going "TIIIIIiiiiiinnnnnnnnn--". It's as if I tap the key and let go really quick. After the "tink" noise, if I let go, it'll make the same noise again, "tink". Again, the "tink" is just the sound that the piano voice makes (and I did try more than one voice), not the keybed itself. Essentially, if I 100-127 it, it doesn't register as a sustained note, but rather as a quick tap, and then registers again when I let go. It's a very, VERY odd situation. So, I opened 'er up, blew her out, and same deal, no fixy. So I am at a bit of a loss here. I removed all of the screws, bringing out the keybed en masse, and for the absolute life of me, I am unable to figure out how to remove the A#5 key, or any other key for that matter. There aren't any other screws to be removed, and the only thing I can think of is prying apart the "spine" holding the key in at the first fulcrum at the top of the key, but I'm afraid that may break it. and if I break that plastic, I'd have to replace the entire plastic keybed (not keys), and I'm sure that'd be a special type of hell to replace. I looked all over the forum, all over youtube and google trying to figure out the best way to remove or replace a key on a PX-5S, but didn't find a thing. I even looked for the PX-530 since apparently they have the same mechanism, but no dice. I looked at other brands tear-down videos, but casio is proprietary in the way that their keys go in, so no luck there. I spoke with Casio tech support, and they pointed me to this forum. I am sure one of you guys have torn down a PX-5S before. Thanks ahead for the help, I have a big show on Friday EDIT** Looks like I'm not the only one. Thanks to John Pittas on the facebook forum for PX-5S for sharing the video. This is the exact thing that happens to me, same key, too.