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  1. Privia "Song Memory" Won't Turn Off

    I have to tell you, Jokeyman, that you were right (not that you need my affirmation)... the service guy I dropped my Privia off to called me about 90 minutes later, saying he did what you prescribed (I left him the printout of your troubleshooting message to me), & I'm back in business. I had confidence in him, but perhaps without your guidance, I wouldn't have gotten it back so quickly (which I needed)... & he didn't charge me anything, so I gave him $20. I really appreciate your help!
  2. Privia "Song Memory" Won't Turn Off

    I would try this tonite, except that I already made arrangements to bring it to a local authorized service guy that has helped me with some electronic problems I've had with this PX-575 before (& he's very reasonable). If he tells me he can't have it back to me by Thursday, I'll try what you're recommending, & I really appreciate your taking the time to give me the thorough details that you did. If he does fix it before Thursday, then if you're curious as to what he did, I'll certainly let you know.
  3. Privia "Song Memory" Won't Turn Off

    Thanks for your guidance on this... when I press "Song Memory" (I don't see a "Song Record" button), it registers the word "Bank" & as I repeatedly press it, it just goes thru "Tone", "Rhythm", "Function", "Synth" in different combinations. All the while, the "Song Memory" remains displayed on the screen - I can't get out of it, not matter what I try. I would've thought the "Exit" button might help, but nothing helps.
  4. I can't get the "Song Memory" function to turn off on my Privia PX-575R; I have never turned it on to use it, and now it's on persistently, not allowing me to use my bank of pre-sets.