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  1. Numbers assigned to songs on SD card

    I have tried to sort files on my PC by different options: date of creation, modification, size. Nothing matches the list of the keyboard. :-(
  2. Numbers assigned to songs on SD card

    Thank you for the quick reply! Keyboard shows all the names but scrolling up/down takes time. Even if I changed all file names to have upper case characters, numbers assigned are strange. Song HAPPY_B has number 1 and song HAPPY_B has 40. They differ in size and time of creation. When I have SD card on my PC, I can sort files in many ways but none of them corresponds to the assigned numbers on the keyboard. Neither date of creation nor date of modification are the keys for assigned numbers. There must be some system here. I wonder what that system is.
  3. To load a song from SD card, we must type some number or use buttons +/- to change numbers up/down . I cannot figure out how those numbers are assigned to songs. Every time I add song or modify old one, numbers assigned to songs are different. It is not assigned, based neither on alphabetic order nor on last modification. Going up/down to find a song among many songs is iritating. Any idea how it works?