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  1. Hi everyone, as stated in the header I have a Casio CDP-230 BRK keyboard that I'm currently working on. The problem is that the keyboard will turn on, but will not stay on. I have to hold down the power button for the full power to remain on. While holding the power button down the keyboard is fully functional. Once I release the power button the display screen dims, but stays illuminated and I loose all functions of the keyboard. I have checked the 12VDC power adapter with my multi meter and it reads 12VDC. I have removed the entire 3 PCB boards and have found no visible damage at all that I can find. In my opinion the power button is a momentary contact, so there should be a failed component on the board which is not holding in the circuit. I removed the control buttons and found no visible damage either. They're just rubber strips basically. I found some videos online that showed and discussed cutting with a hold punch a piece of adhesive aluminum sheets to make better contact, but when I push the button to the board the keyboard responds just fine until I let go of the on button. So I don't think contact is a problem. Any ideas?