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  1. Thanks Tnicoson, That is definitely the issue. One note was used for most of the length of the keyboard, so probably not going to be a fix for that.
  2. Hello All, Recently I used a sound sample wav file, similar to a Bowed Cello and used the Casio Wav Converter. All I had available was a single note. The Wave Converter created the tone which sounds like the sample, except for two issues. There is a high speed vibrato and a very slow modulation . I loaded the New Tone into the 800 User Area and went into Synth mode, but cannot find any of the Parameters to adjust to get rid of either the vibrato or the modulation. Is there a way to prevent these effects from being created with the tone? Could there be some limitations on the wav files that are to be used in the process?
  3. Well, now that I've had my keyboard 10 years or more, I just discovered that there is a separate 80 page manual on Midi Implementation, aside from the 2 pages in the hard copy manual. That may explain a lot. (I had to edit this because I originally stated 15 page manual) http://support.casio.com/manualfile.php?rgn=4&cid=008011007
  4. ok, so I figured out how to eliminate the "Gunshot" sound problem. It had to do with the "Program Change" list in Ntracks's Midi Event list. I found some instructions online for a similar problem and applied them to my situation. The good track had one Program Change of "0" listed. The bad track had several with Program Change 255, which is not supported by my Casio apparently. Anyway, I simply deleted all program change entries in both tracks, Selected "None" for the Program in "Track Properties", exported from Ntrack as Mid0, then reimported that file into Audacity and exported again. both tracks play perfectly in the Casio. But if you then want to play the midi file in Ntrack, you'll have to reselect an instrument in the the Program Below are the online instructions and a screen shot. this may help you if your imported (downloaded) MIDI tracks/clips do not work correctly in N - first - although the track extension always says .mid, there is more than one type of MIDI track - the main types are GM (General MIDI) and SMF (standard MIDI file) - it is the GM type that foul everything up - the problem lies in that a GM MIDI track is PRE PROGRAMMED to select an instrument from the Gereral MIDI set - what this means is that every time a MIDI track is played it will change the PROGRAM of a VSTi instrument - you set the VSTi to the program (preset/instrument) you want, the GM track will reset the progran to what it wants every time the track is played - to overcome this - insert MIDI track/clip - double click in MIDI track to open track preferences - look under the green speed change arrows, if the PROGRAM box shows an instrument, acoustic grand piano/organ/guitar etc - click on the dropdown arrow at the end of the box and set it to NONE - this will stop the track pre-selecting an instrument - NOW right click in the track - select EVENTS LIST - from the bottom buttons select VIEW/PLACE EVENTS - box opens - in the VIEW section hold down the SHIFT kay and select both NOTES and PROGRAM CHANGE - OK - scan down the list and look for PROGRAM CHANGES - click in the TIME collum next to the program change (turns blue) then click on the DELETE button - do this for all program changes - your MIDI clips should now work correctly - BUT this not permanent it only works for that session - resaving the MIDI track under a new name does not work - you have to ues another app to strip out all program changes - http://www.sweetwater.com/k2000/smf-t.html this app works BUT is not that easy to work out what to strip out as n often says it cnnot read the file, plays it OK though – the term MIDI MAP we unknown before we had MIDI controllers - when a knood/slider on a controller is set to do a certain thing this is called mapping - a MIDI track is asigned to an instrument - not mapped - one thing to remember is that a MIDI track is nothing but data, numbers, the majority od the numbers are notes which in reality mean that say number 55 tells a tone generator to produce a certain tone - MIDI has TWO SELECT OPTIONS, BANK select which is generally reserved for hardware synths and PROGRAN CHANGE - program change asigns an instrument to the midi track - this is required by the M$oft synth so that in a multitrack MIDI song each track plays a different instrument - a lot of VSTi instruments either give you the choice of blocking program changes, so a GM track will not foul thing up or they totally ignore the numbers that represent program changes - generally just setting the program box to NONE will stop GM tracks from upsetting most VSTi,s - with some VSTi,s if the MIDI notes are out of range when that range is referenced to the GM drum set then no notes are played - in other words the MIDI notes are higher than the position of the drums then there will be no sound from the drum pads - to get MIDI note to fit within the drum range you have to change the kbd on the piano roll to MIDI drums and drag the notes into the position that the drums are placed - IE any notes that have no drum reference on the left side of the piano roll will not sound - so if your MIDI clips do not play in your drum sampler, switch to the piano roll, then change the keyboard to MIDI drums, use the scrollbar to find where the notes are – You shouldn't need to strip out program changes, n-Track by default strips them out during playback unless the "Filter program changes" Preferences/MIDI option is disabled (it is enabled by default). n-Track uses the program change events in MIDI files that you import to extract which setting to use for the "Program" track setting, but once the .mid file is imported the program change event is no longer used if "Filter Program Changes" is on. I wasn't able to reproduce tracks not remembering the "none" program setting. There might be a bug somewhere, please let me know if you can reproduce it. Or perhaps you're saying that the Program setting resets if you export the track to a .mid file and then reimport it, which is what indeed happens if the track has program change events.
  5. Well, problem partially solved, although it would be great to understand why. But anyway, I downloaded a copy of Free Audacity. I made a short midi in Ntrack 64bit and exported as mid 0. Then I fire up Audacity, import the midi file, export to Mid again, I transfer it to the casio via usb and Data management software and it plays fine. There is no mid 0 setting in Audacity. Next I imported those 2 BONE midi's left hand piano and right hand piano) into Ntrack exported out as a single track. Import into Audacity, export as midi, transfer to Casio and it plays the first track as a "Gunshot" instrument and the 2nd track as Grand piano, like it's supposed to be. Been diddlin with settings in Ntrack and Casio all last night trying to sort that but at least the files play. Audacity is a great little program but it won't combine/export more than one midi track, that I'm aware of.
  6. Could the issue be that I am creating/saving the mid 0 file on a 64 bit system using NTFS file system and Casio can only recognize FAT 32 system files? I have been transferring directly from my 64 bit Win 7 laptop to the Keyboard memory via midi / USB cable .
  7. Hi Jokeyman, Just finished installing Cakewalk 3 on my old 32 Bit, xP Dell Laptop and loaded a midi file. Did the Save As Option "0". Loaded the card into the Casio and the SMF player gives the "Err Wrong Dat" error. Created new, small midi test file on the same laptop in Ntrack 6, 32bit, with a single track, with a few piano notes. Saved as Mid 0 and Casio wouldn't play that. Took same new test file, loaded in Cakewalk3 and it loaded as 2 tracks, not sure why. Anyway did Save as Option "0" again and Casio still won't play it. I have to be missing something very basic here. I'm about ready to give up.
  8. Looks like I still have a lot to learn. I'll play around with it some more using the "MIDI IMPLEMENTATION CHART" and if I can't get anywhere, I'll try to download an older version of Cakewalk.
  9. Hi Jokeyman, Yes and as it turns out, the very last pages of the Casio Manual is the "MIDI IMPLEMENTATION CHART", which I have never noticed until now. It looks like there are no values anywhere for the Casio that should be higher than 127. 7 Volume 10 Pan 91 Reverb Send 93 Chorus send On my machine Reverb and Chorus settings don't go any higher than 127. So maybe some of these parameters for Controllers have to somehow be set in whatever recording software is being used. I'll see if I can figure out how to scan/post the whole chart.
  10. Hi Tnicoson, I did a simple midi test. I used the WK-3200 to make a 4 note midi drum track in ntrack and exported it as an smf0 midi file. I loaded the exported file into the WK-3200 and of course it couldn't read it. So I opened it up in GNMidi and had it converted to a CSV type file which I opened in excel. I then used GNMidi to "repair" the exported file. GNmidi, repaired it and made a copy of the repaired file. The repaired file was loaded into the WK-3200 and of course the keyboard could play it just fine. So I had GNMidi convert the "Repaired" Midi file to a CSV file, as well. I opened both up in Excel and both files are nearly identical. There are only (3) differences. -The "Repaired file had a "Text" line event added which looked like this {GNMIDI}Generated by GNMIDI demo (http://www.gnmidi.com)10; -The Original SMF0 (non readable) file had (2) "Controller Values" listed as 255 and 255. GNmidi changed both of those values to 127. The rest of the file entries were identical. Below is a portion of the Excel spreadsheet entries illustrating what happened. Original midi file exported in Ntrack as a SMF0 but still couldn't be read: Event Unit Time Track Channel Controller NR Controller Value Controller 0 0 1 10 7 127 Controller 0 0 1 10 93 255 Controller 0 0 1 10 91 255 Controller 0 0 1 10 10 63
  11. WK-3200 LCD Display malfunctioning

    Hi Tnicoson, looks like i'll have to open up the tool box. Thanks for the info. I guess we don't get many eyes down here at the bottom of the Casio Forum.
  12. Has anyone ever had a problem with the LCD display not working properly as follows?; When powered on sometimes the LCD display is blank, when looking directly down from a top view. If viewed from a lower angle, 4-5 black squares are visible, but that's all. No information. I then have to turn the keyboard OFF and the ON. I may have to do this several times before the LCD returns to normal. It's been this way for several years now.
  13. Hi Tnicoson, Looks like I'm going to have to do a lot of reading/research. I downloaded the Midi Formatter that you suggested and it won't even process the files. just gives an error and closes. I'll try generating a midi file by playing my keyboard into ntrack and see if it will make a readable SMF 0. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that those BONE_ files were made by someone else on a older version of Ntrack. Then I'm trying to convert it on my newer version. I have .net frame. At least I know that GNMIDI program will work, if I repair the file first. I haven't even found a similar problem like this anywhere else on the internet. later
  14. Hi Tnocoson, All 4 of the files you attached played perfectly on my SD card in the WK3200. I'm at a loss. When converting in ntrack, it's just Import midi (load the 2 files) Export Midi Save as (name) file type mid 0 save to SD card That's the only options available. and I get Err Wrong dat In Reaper Insert media file load the 2 files export project media Menu comes up with much more options but I just leave it as default with check box for (Mid 0 file) save to SD card I get Err Wrong dat I attached some screenshots of how Reaper does it. the 2nd file are the export options. The first picture is the midi track controls which I found. I change the channel to 3 for "L" and 4 for "R" file but leave the rest. I have also changed nothing in the track controls and still get the err wrong dat.