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  1. Hey guys I have my novation remote sl61 running out through my daw to xwpd1, and I am playing instruments from the xwpd1. Is there a way I can program the knobs or buttons to switch the instrument? I looked in the manual appendix it said cc 0 does a bank switch but I tried it and nothing changed. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! RonC
  2. Tutorial Videos for XWPD1

    Hey guys check out my xwpd1 tutorials. I mostly use the fx grid as my workflow, because I use it to mangle other sequencers that can stay in synch with each other.
  3. XW-PD1 - sync

    Hey everyone. I was aware that the XW-PD1 has no midi clock send or receive, such a shame. I do have it set to receive play and stop signals, which is nice, but are there any ways to get some sort of synch going here? It goes off beat with my other sequencing gear, no matter what I try. Are we really stuck with this limitation, or is there any way around it? Such a shame it was not included.
  4. XW-PD1 settings not saving + Calibration ?

    Thank you so much this is perfect. The only issue left is synch, but it doesnt matter
  5. XW-PD1 settings not saving + Calibration ?

    Haha well there is my answer then. I'll do the same.
  6. XW-PD1 settings not saving + Calibration ?

    It is surprising that I can't save that function. So I guess I will do it every time I turn my studio on, does everyone use it with the speaker then? I think I was pressing the 16 pad, thanks for the help.
  7. Hey everyone just picked up a XW-PD1 to accompany my novation circuit and emx1, it was 99$ and feels well worth the price! Two issues: 1. I have to go into the settings every time I restart the XW-PD1 and turn off the speaker. I have make sure the "resume" setting is set, but it seems to not be saving. I really hope this can be settled, I really don't want to turn the speaker off every single time I use my studio! 2. In the manual it said to hold step 16 while powering on to reach a calibration mode. It didn't do anything. Is there something I'm missing here?? Thanks!