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  1. IPad connection question

    Well I've opened the box and flicked the switch and I'm a very happy camper. The organ tones are just so great that I've been lost in them for the last couple of days and haven't thought about connections . Even if that was all this keyboard did it would be well worth the price IMO.
  2. IPad connection question

    Thanks for your helpful responses, Brad and Scott. I was talking about the UD-BT01 rather than the MD one and you're right Scott, I had been looking at the PSR-EW400 with which that particular USB dongle is supposed to work. From their setup diagram, you use a standard USB B>A cable, into the UD-BT01 which you then plug into a USB power adapter which implies to me that it does "something" special inside (or maybe it's just that USB B sockets don't supply power whereas the others do). Picked up the WK-7600 today. I already have the Camera connection kit and the appropriate USB cable, but I liked the thought of not having more cables to fail/pull out accidentally at critical moments etc, esp if I want to connect to a laptop (which wouldn't be on the keyboard's music stand) rather than an iPad (which would be). Mind you, now I really think about it, with the Y solution I'd still be pretty much wired in anyway. Even if it did work, my limited research implies I might be limited to apps that specifically support midi over bluetooth. And with wireless there's always the possibility of some rogue interference or lag. All in all, I think your advice is sound Scott. Even if the Y dongle did work, I wouldn't get any real advantage from it. Thanks again for your responses. Now all I need to do is get past my weird fear of new stuff and open the box
  3. Newbie to midi, Casio and pretty much everything about this keyboard except how to play a tune ... looking for advice I know you can connect WK7600 to an iPad via USB. Has anyone successfully used a Bluetooth dongle for a wireless connection? Or would midi over Bluetooth require special processing within the dongle itself? Specifically I'm wondering whether a standard Bluetooth 4.0 dongle would work (ideally) ... or 2nd option the dongle made by the Y brand for its keyboards ... maybe it also works with other brands? Thanks in in advance for your help. I'm still on the edge between buying this keyboard or a Y brand so don't have one to actually test. RU32day