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  1. ALMOST eerily similar in features/price

    I thought excatly the same! I hope Mike and Rich put their best to show how the MZ is better. The FA's workflow is amazing! Can the MZ match FA in that regard? The different synth engines in FA are very versatile and powerul. The demonstrators are going to need to work their butts in sweat for being able to convince us to get MZ! The rompler alone is amazing synth on the FA, and its acoustic sounds are REALLY convincing. And there are superb insert effects for all of the 16 parts!!! The sampler is rather simple on the FA, would MZ sampler be more useful? What about audio tracks? FA is not only a sequencer, but also a multitrack recorder with...what...8-16 audio tracks in addition of midi tracks.
  2. How many tracks for sequencing external gear?

    Many thanks!!! That sounds mouth wateringly promising, but I want to be absolutely sure, so if you excuse me for harping on this subject. From Casio's official specs for XW: "Number of Tracks; Mono x 8, Poly x 1, Control x 4" So I should be able: -to freely harness 8 mono tracks to what ever I want? For example a handful of iPad synths, Bass Station 2 and Pulse 2, as well as XW's own monosynth? -And then there should also be a poly track, and I should be able to put it sequencing what ever I want as well? -And still there should be 4 tracks left for controlling parameters on what ever source I want?
  3. How many tracks for sequencing external gear?

    Can the drum tracks sequence anything else, than just drums? Internal and external. I have a dream, that I would use an XW as my sequencer for my monos, Bass Station 2 and Pulse 2, and perhaps a couple of timbres from iPad. Can XW carry that much?
  4. XWs can juggle respectable amount of tracks simultaneously, but I'd like to know how strictly the 'drum tracks' are just for drumming purposes. And more importantly, how many tracks can play external synths?
  5. Quick Survey

    I bought an iPad specifically for a synth module, and nothing else. And now I am anxiously waiting an XW-P2 for holding it for me.
  6. I have been thinking about Casio's next synth a lot lately! XW-P2? Or even better, MZ-2014!!! OR, even fantastically more awesome, XW-P2 and XW-G2 as well as MZ-2014 that combined both of them into one heck of a workstation. This is one of my sweetest synth dreams, and out of all of my synth fantasies this is the most realistic, almost life like: -XW's mono synth -> Poly... perhaps even slightly updated while at it -Sampler or at least memory for user samples without having to buy two synths!!! -PX-5S's effects and Hex Layers -> they are fantastic synth in it self, but I hardly dare to imagine the madness when combined with a poly synth -Step sequencer from P1 -Organ modelling; I SO very much would like to hear it with the new effect processor -iPad for knobs(I wouldn't mind synths own resistive screen either; its affordable and still has some delightful selling points) I wouldn't mind if polyphony was low as long as features made me high. I would even accept P1's keys without much whining if the synth engine it self was was robust.
  7. Put Up a New Tune Today

    Thanks! Best noodles I've had for a whole week.
  8. The NAMM Show 2013

    Can't wait to hear this!
  9. The NAMM Show 2013

    I'm totally excited how Casio seems to really have rolled up their sleeves and started burning some midnight oil to meet their synth ambitions! I was expecting PX-5S to be a XW-P1 with hammer action and breeze of air, but for me, this is even more exciting news. I have been wishing for Casio to improve XW-P1's rompler engine and effects, perhaps even up to MZ-2000 level, although, I really thought that it would be too much to ask so soon, but, well whad'ya know, they seem to have pushed them even further!!! \o/ Casio is starting to have their broadside fully loaded with synth technologies. They have nice and curiously distinctive sounding VA, perhaps polyphonic in the next iteration(?(as well as having more interesting signal path for the sample oscillators!)). Their effect system is now really...effective and even have amp modelling, and this HEX -layer business just got serious! Their Piano is beating even their much more expensive rivals, and they have also had organ model in stunningly affordable arrangers for ages. Do I see Casios competitors lookouts trembling their crow's nests while nervously scoping the horizon, praying, that they wouldn't see Casio flag ship rising in horizon, combining all Casios tech in one fearsome, and at the same time, frighteningly affordable battleship? What about PX-5S's samples btw?Are they new, or are they the same as XW-P1?
  10. The NAMM Show 2013

    Ok. The hex layer has been upgraded NICELY!!! Filters and envelopes for each layer, and several hex layers at once! And 4 insert effects simultaneously as well, which is super nice addition! DAMN, if this only could have kept had the step sequencer, it would have been super, super nice partner with the Prophet-12, that also lost its step sequencer...or, the MS-20. There would have been fantastic opportunity for Casio at this Namm. For the exception of this year, Namm shows have been boring for a decade(generally, not Casio), but the pace at which Casio seems to be advancing in their synth battlefront might help to save the future Namm shows. I cannot wait to see, what magic Casio is demonstrating next year.
  11. The NAMM Show 2013

    How do you know it is HIGHLY tweakable?
  12. The NAMM Show 2013

  13. The NAMM Show 2013

    Hello forum! About the time, that I found this forum! Nice to see so many fellow Casio men and women that its enough for getting a forum running! My expectations: Privia with XW-P1 inside of it. Perhaps even with Air engine(and please god make it have a 1/4" output)!!! It would be very exciting already, but what I want(in long run, might be too much to ask for this Namm): -The VA polyphony, I would nearly die in happiness, if we got just 4 voices! -The ability to play different engines simultaneously. This might be even in limits of possibility with current instruments(?) and it could almost replace the VA polyphony!!! Even HEX and VA at the same time would make it so much more powerful synth. -Sample memory for extensibility, and helping to turn rompler side of things more interesting and less obsolete(in many peoples minds). -Vastly enhanced rompler engine for doing bad things to your samples, starting from MZ-2000 standards and going even beyond it -Download service for downloading patches, samples and sequences(in the WK-series vein). Even longer run desires, downright fantasies: -PD synthesis's come back! And with 8 osc / voice too. -Controller for synth engine in Roland Programmer style. The XW-P1 has place for it. ...perhaps it could even include DSP chip to increase VA polyphony!!! -Perhaps included analog components to make another Casio Hybrid synth. All this, a huge Flagship with digital and analog components, step sequencer, PD AND VA synthesis mixed nicely(perhaps with some reasonable cost cutting maneuvers, like selling the controllers separately, and not showing off with vain polyphony numbers but with quality instead), would make such massively ominous waves, that it might even wash the "Casio stigmata" away! Just one or two analog oscillators and one filter, as well as 4 voice poly(...or even just mono synth...) for analog signal path. Yeah, stupid dream, but you know, its a beautiful dream.