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  1. Slider Levels and Customization

    Hi @Tson 1) the sliders utilize "jump" method, it could be really usefull if a "catch" method will be implemented! 2) 3) are great succestions for a future update!
  2. My Tones (set 1)

    Version 1.0.0


    24 tones for MZ-X500, they use the internal sample, more details on this forum thread.
  3. Hello all! I've just published on my blog a set of tones I made for my own pleasure, this keyboard is so fun to play! The tones uses the internal samples so no precious memory is wasted. You can download and audition the tones one by one; individual downloads as well as a single package are provided. Let me know what do you think. Here is the link P.S.: later I will upload a copy on the download section and a one on the official facebook page
  4. Pad fade-in / out

    Ok, so let's say a possible configuration: - On port A there is upper & lower tones, as well as the rhythms playing (and affected by the fade button) - On port B I map all my pads, one for each channel Then I select the port B as input port and I attach an external controller to the MZ-X so that I can use the controller sliders to control the pad volumes. I will test it in the next days, I think it should work No tricks for the sample-pads?
  5. Pad fade-in / out

    It's a pity, at least would be great that the global fade could affect also the playing pads, maybe could be a nice addition for a future update Would it be possible to manually fade pads using and external controller? I have seen on the Midi implementation manual (7.5) we can change volumes of each part (MIDI channel), but how can we also specify a specific port? Is it possible? Any tricks for sample pads? Thank you Brad for your assistance
  6. Pad fade-in / out

    Hello all! I was wondering if there is a way to fade-in / fade-out the pads, I'm not able to find anything about it on the forum, also hitting the fade button during a performance only the rhythm and the playing voices are involved in the fade-out, but the playing pads still run on their own until I stop them manually. The ability to fade pads would be very useful on live performances and during improvisations, especially with looping pads
  7. new Korg Pa700

    Very true, I've sold my PA600 also for this reason...
  8. MZ-X500 vs Roland FA-07

    Hi @Tson, as @Leonh says the sound quality of the MZ X500 is high, the piano sounds are amazing and the HexLayer engine is very powerful and can unleash creativity with outstanding sounds. Before buying the MZ X500 I've read much about its direct competitors and I've seen many videos about the FA and its features but I've decided to go with the MZ X becuase I already own a MOX6 workstation which is in the same market segment of the FA. For what I have seen the FA have a very nice song editor, if you are a composer it could be very useful, but, if I remember correctly, the FA couldn't record the pads sounds during a recording, I don't know if this feature has been added later with a firmware update or not, but at the time I've looked at this instrument I'm pretty sure that recording pads was not possible. I all depends by you and what do you want to do with yout instrument, so my final words are the same as @Leonh : try both if you have the possibility, read their manuals, see tutorials and videos and decide I'm having great fun with the MZ X500!
  9. Closest thing to MZ-X500 ??

    I agree about the MZ X500 being quite unique on his genre, but I still have a Yamaha MOX6 which is (in my opinion of course!) superior in song editing, I love the ability to use patterns to compose a full song. The MZ X500 is an incredible instrument for what it offers and for its price, but editing a recorded song is not trivial. The Roland FA (from what I've read and seen on YouTube) has also a very, very nice song editor with a graphical interface, something you could find on a DAW. Anyway I completely agree that to have what the MZ X500 offers you would need to buy an arranger and a workstation.
  10. Hex layers imported from PX560? PX5s?

    @AlenK I cannot reverse engineer, it needs too much time and I also have dubts about legal aspects of this operation....
  11. Hex layers imported from PX560? PX5s?

    Hi, I'm also following this thread with great interest Are there any public informations about MZ-X and PX file formats (Tones and HexLayers)? I'm a programmer and I could try to build a conversion software in my spare time if there are enough docs about file formats.
  12. SO..... About that respect I'm going to lose!!

    Unfortunately, because of my poor English, I am not able to fully understand the latest posts in this thread, but I managed to perceive only a controversial tone without yet understanding what the real motives of this controversy were. I would like the users of this wonderful tool not to argue with each other but, instead, try to help to master this incredible keyboard, full of resources, and infinite source of inspiration. As far as I'm concerned, unfortunately, in the summer I do not have much free time to follow the forum and to contribute to the forum but within a few months I will have much more free time to contribute with my direct experiences. I have many things to share with the community, many sounds I have created and many rhythms I have converted from the PSR world. Do not make war, make music instead!
  13. mixer mystery

    ah ok! Thank you for the info
  14. mixer mystery

    1.21? MZ X500? O_O'
  15. What you use it for MZ 500/300

    I'm using the MZ-X500 to produce music and I'm finding this incredible instrument very inspiring.... well, to be honest, it inspires too much! In fact when I play the MZ-X500 I fall always into random jam sessions Fortunately this keyboard can record WAV and MIDI with just a button press, so I can freeze all those ideas that I get while playing It's the most amazing and fun keyboard I've ever owned, no doubts on this!