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  1. 3 questions about XW-PD1 operation

    OK, found the answer to the pattern delete question: The procedure in the manual does work, XW-PD1 just assumes you won't do that unless you're recording something new over it, as per the basic manual, it defaults to the last saved state. So you can delete a sequence as many times as you want, unless you then record something new, the last sequence will be there again when you go back to that seq#.
  2. Changing Octaves

    Thanks, i asked this question in another thread.
  3. 3 questions about XW-PD1 operation

    Looked again at the User's Tutorial Guide, the instructions on EN-10 do not delete anything. I follow the instructions, go forward one sequence, go back and there's my pattern again, totally not deleted. On EN-4 are more instructions for deleting data, which also don't work. Maybe I got a bad unit, who knows.
  4. 3 questions about XW-PD1 operation

    It there a simple way to octave-shift the sounds on the pads? It seems like there should be. Also, I made a beat, now I want to erase it, but Function + Clear dosen't seem to be doing the job. The manual is a little confusing. I want to erase the whole beat across all four banks at once, or one bank at a time. While I'm at it, please clear this up for me: I thought that I could layer a beat, a sample, a synth, and a PCM sound all on one bank, have 8 different patterns on that bank, then go to the next bank and do the same all the way to bank 4, and have a 32 pattern song. It looks now like I get only one sound per bank and have to make do with only eight patterns, and just toggle between those. Is that right?