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  1. One week in

    I appreciate the help anyway. I called Casio and the rep I spoke with told me to take out the batteries and use it on the adapter alone to see if it still shuts off and it didn't so I assume it was just too much going on to be running on batteries alone. However, the rep also didn't sound like she knew what she was doing, kept putting me on hold for 10 minutes at a time to give me short, vague answers and wasn't very willing to hear me out in detail. I might just send this thing back to Musician's Friend and get one at Guitar Center, that way I can just go to the store locally instead of having to send it back and forth if something else goes wrong.
  2. One week in

    This is if nothing has been touched, it'll shut off. My problem is it shutting off while I'm pressing buttons
  3. One week in

    So I've had this toy for close to a week. I did a lot of reading up before purchasing and was really expecting it to be a lot tougher to learn. So far everything seems pretty straight forward. I skimmed through the physical manual and got to work. Maybe I'm completely oblivious to the difficulty at the moment cause I'm not digging deep enough? I'm having way too much fun to care. I've been loading up banks with effects, plugging in my phone and messing around with some of my favorite songs. However, after a while it'll just shut off. I thought this was the batteries being low so I changed them and all was good for a solid 10 minutes before shutting off again. No biggie really, I haven't done so yet but I figure I can just use the power cord since doing this might be too much for batteries alone to handle. Anyone else notice this?