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  1. I seem not able to find any help in the manual on how to use PX560 as a master MIDI controller. Any help would be really appreciated! Thank you in advance!
  2. PX560 as a Master MIDI controller

    The problem is that if I even create a registration with the Local Off to only play the external keyboard then when I go to another registration where the Local is ON that external keyboard will still play/sound via MIDI together with PX560. And not only play but it will also receive the program changes! Because there is no way on PX560 (at least that I'm aware of) to turn Off MIDI signals sent to the external keyboard/device including Progam Changes... Talked to the tech support today but it was pretty useless. All I've been told as this keyboard is not designed as a MIDI controller and I am even lucky to get it play another keyboard... Wow!. OK... But it has standard MIDI IN and OUT/THRU connections on the back. And I does send MIDI Program Changes and it does play another keyboard and even sends the sustain and assignable pedals and the Mod wheels MIDI signals. If it does all these then it's gotta be some way to configure all these...
  3. PX560 as a Master MIDI controller

    Good idea! I will consider it! Spasibo!
  4. PX560 as a Master MIDI controller

    I don't need to have Local Off all the time. I want to be able to switch if off and on on the fly... ok, how to do I contact actual PX560 technical support then? There's gotta be MIDI OUT settings beyond those in MIDI section
  5. PX560 as a Master MIDI controller

    OK, using Local off helps though it's kinda pain to always get into the settings if you need it done quickly. But those Midi setting is all I can find. I still can not find how to turn off (and then on) Program Change Midi command. I can't find how to turn off Midi commands quickly when needed besides pulling out the Midi cable. Where are all those Midi settings?
  6. PX560 as a Master MIDI controller

    I actually did not have any problems to get the PX560 control the external board but simply connecting via midi cable. But that was as far as I got. I was not able to find a way to mute the PX560 and was getting both keyboards sound layered at the same time. I could not find any real time midi controllers to do so. Unless I have to do some special programming. Please advise if you know if it's possible to easy control an external sound device with PX 560. Thx!
  7. Does someone else have the same problem? When I connect another keyboard thru Line In inputs it horribly distorts while PX560 itself plays nice and clear. I tried to adjust the Line In Volume in Balance screen. But even after bringing it even to a minimum when I can barely hear it from the amp the signal from that external keyboard still appears to be heavily distorted. That volume control setting is only for the volume IN not for the volume OUT. I'm lost here... Is there any way to adjust the Line In out volume or gain? Any help or input would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you!
  8. Numa Compact 2. Just using Left and Right outs. I works fine and beautifully when connected directly to the amp or PA
  9. I had to use another keyboard that was connected to Line In at almost zero volume and it was still blasting and distorting
  10. Hi Brad, When I found the Line In volume settings it was by default at 127. I then try to decrease it but it did not make any difference and as I mentioned above the distortions are still substantial even on the minimum Line In volume settings.
  11. Looks like all the organ sounds are programmed with the modulation effect when using the modulation wheel which makes it all sound wrong and pretty bad. And also, if I want to change the effect to rotary it is not available for the mod wheel. And the Vibrato/Chorus only available if an organ sound is on the Upper 1 only. So, based on that. Is it possible to globally change the modulation effect for all the organs to rotary or at least Vibrato/Chorus? And also be able to have those effect available even when an organ sound is not only on Upper 1 zone? Thank you!
  12. Partially answered in my reply just before yours. Regards!
  13. Ok, followed instructions. I didn't know how to know which tones have a rotary DSP (didn't know which ones of those would be) but I played around and chose a Gospel organ and was able to get the modulation wheel to effect the speed of the rotary effect. But not all the organ tones are effected by the wheel if I choose a different organ sound. In fact, for some, the assigned speed target may change to input, or distortion or volume targets based on what organ sound is chosen. This is pretty strange what Casio did with the modulation wheel assignment. It doesn't let me to simply apply a rotary speed effect to any organ I select. Instead, it only lets me control a rotary speed if the tone is created with a rotary effect (or DPS tones) If there's no rotary effect in the tone the modulation wheel renders useless or changes to some different effect that is assigned to that Target number. Other words the modulation wheel is not a separate controller but a controller that only changes built-in effects of the tone if there any... And the same applies to Knob controllers... And so, unless I edit all the organ sounds that have a rotary DPS I can not apply the rotary effect to every organ sound that I may choose. In this case, the GSi BURN box I ordered will be really handy if I don't bring my Hammond on the gig and only use my PX560...
  14. Looks like it is not possible to assign the rotary effect to the modulation wheel. I can not find it there. I can assign a chorus, vibrato, lots of other things the wheel but there is not rotary effect there. Please let me know why it is not there and how to assign rotary to the mod wheel. Thank you!!
  15. Yes, this is the only and the obvious way. But quite often I would select the organ from the different registrations depending which one I use at that moment so I will have to modify all the registrations then. But, frankly, why would Casio developers program all the organs with that cheezy horrible vibrato effect on the modulation wheel instead of at least rotary or chorus... Weird...n All other keyboards I owned (Roland, Yamaha, Korg) have organs setup with the rotary for the modulation wheel.
  16. Ok, thank you for your input, AlenK. But do you know how can I globally change the vibrato to a rotary effect on the modulation wheel for all the organ sounds? Otherwise, the organ sounds are not usable to me.
  17. XW-P1 vs MZ-X500

    Is the MZ X500 a successor to XW-P1? Can it do/does it have the same features as XW-P1 or is it somewhat a different instrument?s, piano samples, new touch screen. But is there something it doesn't have that XW-P1 has? For example, does the MZ -X500 have the phat synth like the XWP1? XW-P1 vs MZ-X500 would be great. Unless there is a dedicated comparison page on Casio somewhere? Oh, and I'm not really interested in the arranging functions on both of these boards. Thank you!
  18. Rhodes sounds distorting PA

    Just did a sound check for the show tonite at the pro venue that does anybody from Earth Wind & Fire to Chicago and Tony Bennet with a powerful pro PA and a pro sound crew. Using three keyboards - two Yamahas and my PX 560. The sound from PX 560 comes crapping the mains and my monitors while two other boards sound nice and clean. Looks like the Rhodes patches are the ones that distort the PA naturally being phat and powerful. The sound guys tried every possible solution and nothing helped so far. They say that the distortion is coming mainly from the left channel/ left Out. And they say the left channel is hotter then the right one both in mains and the monitors. Interesting that when I trim the low gain on keyboard the crapping almost disappears... But it is definitely not the house system that handles any kinds of pro band like I mentioned above. Does anybody have the same problem? Anything wrong with my PX 560? It is a brand new one and this is only a third gig I'm doing on it. Should I need a service or even the replacement? Any feedback would be really appreciated! Thank you in advance!
  19. Rhodes sounds distorting PA

    Me too! Always had, always do. It annoys me... But still had that clipping issue
  20. Rhodes sounds distorting PA

    That's where I was getting most of the clipping from - the acoustic pianos...
  21. Rhodes sounds distorting PA

    Could not be happening at all the stages with all different gear and soundmen. While other keyboards sound just fine. As I said I'm yet to test my brand new replaced 560 but that's how the issue was happening for me with the one that I had replaced.
  22. Rhodes sounds distorting PA

    Wow!! Didn't have a chance to check my 560 replacement with the stage PA gear yet. But if this is the case.. Hello, Casio!! Are you hearing us?! And can you do something about it?... Hellooo!!..
  23. Rhodes sounds distorting PA

    Thank you for heads up, Brad! It worked and the store is now confirmed getting the replacement for me!
  24. Rhodes sounds distorting PA

    ok, I've been dealing with Casio in regards to my clipping sound issue and the repair centre did confirm the issue. But instead of replacing the defective unit Casio Canada decided to repair it. I'm not happy with repairing the unit that was defective right out of the box and I want it to be replaced. Any advice on how to go about it instead of repair? Thank you.
  25. Rhodes sounds distorting PA

    Ok, it's still clipping the sound system. I have a rack of 4 keyboards on the stage and the Cassio is the only one that is crapping PA. Please advise how to go about replacing the unit. Thank you.