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  1. iMidiPatchbay great news

    I use apple cable that came with the iPad to connect to the camera kit adapter.
  2. Is the PX-560 blocked from receving sysex?

    I am also interested to know as I have tried earlier but gave up for the same reasons.
  3. Firmware 1.14 released

    image of what Alen?
  4. Firmware 1.14 released

    Hi, Is factory reset is required? I have done the firmware update but hesitant to do factory reset unless it is a must. Can anyone help please. Also I have found that "Auto Power off" not working anymore in 1.14, it was working fine in the previous version 1.10 Casio what have you done, please let us know Thanks.
  5. re selecting registrations over MIDI - lots of data...

    I have been there before, and couldn't figure out, let me know if you find out.
  6. Volume Jumping w/ Expression Pedals

    I have Korg EXP-2 and yes I have recalibrated it several times but no luck. Oh the other thing is the "Auto Power Off" not working anymore, it was working in version 1.10, don't know why nit working anymore, and yes it is switched on. Not sure what's happening !!
  7. Volume Jumping w/ Expression Pedals

    I confirm with 1.14 firmware it has improved the expression pedal issue but still not good enough, still the volume goes from 0 to 127 in the 15% movement of the pedal from lowest position up to 15% it goes to max, which makes it so hard to use, it is almost useless !!!
  8. iMidiPatchbay great news

    It might be other ios apps but I am not aware of.
  9. Volume Jumping w/ Expression Pedals

    It is jumpy, I have tested it with midi monitor. I hope Casio pay attention to this issue as it has been proven it's either hardware or firmware issue and fix it if possible. It's a shame with such great keyboard to be ruined by manufacture mistake. I hope Casio will come up with a solution soon before it becomes it ruin this keyboard reputation, specially it's if a great keyboard.
  10. iMidiPatchbay great news

    Hi everyone, I thought I might share this great news, I bought imidipatchbay ipad/iphone app, to try layering more zones with my px-560, and it works, With one master sound and extra 4 more sounds total of 5 sounds / layers with splits and full controls of all other parameters on each sound. You can connect your ipad or iphone direct to px-560 through camera kit adapter, it works and you can save your settings on your ipad/iphone for instant re-call Knowing this fact and with imidipatchbay app, makes px-560 capable of doing 5 zones and makes px-560 more powerful than px-5s, but if you need master controller then px-5s the way to go. Check it out http://www.imidipatchbay.com/ Cheers,
  11. Volume Jumping w/ Expression Pedals

    Agree 100% it should be looked at by Casio and hopefully be fixed with firmware update. Casio support please pay attention to this bug. Thanks.
  12. System exclusive on 560M : registration over midi

    Yes, we need to know the name of this app, it is a must for me. I need to be able to have a set-list for every song so I can move quickly between sounds/registrations. Can some one from support help here, Thanks.
  13. System exclusive on 560M : registration over midi

    Hi there, I was looking for doing the same thing and could not find any information in the user manual. I need to design my own set list using Lemur, has anyone done any thing simmlar, is there any ipad app is capable of building set list of registrations,
  14. EP Strings

    Version 1.1.0


    Registration - EP Strings with modulation wheel expression control for upper & lower strings. Enjoy ...