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  1. XW-G1 - Assigning Samples to Keyboard

    Got it! Thank-you for your help... Much appreciated! Jim
  2. XW-G1 - Assigning Samples to Keyboard

    Thanks Carl. I've got my sample recorded into the "sample looper" and I've saved it as U:7. I'm not sure if I have to save this as a tone first and then create a performance before I can play the sample on the keys. Is using the sample looper the correct way to get a sample into the G1 and then play on the keyboard, or am I missing something? Thanks again!
  3. I recently purchased a Casio XW-G1 and I'm trying to determine if samples recorded using the microphone input can be assigned to the keyboard and played back at various pitches using the keys...you know, like sampling a dog bark, and then having the barking dog sing Jingle Bells. If any one knows if and how this can be done, please let me know. Thanks in advance for any help! Jim