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  1. Hello Apologies for posting this in the wrong category, but there doesn't seem to be a category for this model. I'd like to use the PX-720 as part of a MIDI chain, but am having problems with it playing on all 16 MIDI channels. My set up is using an Atari as my sequencer (yes, I know, I'm a 90's dinosaur) connected to my master keyboard (not the PX-720) and I have various sound modules daisy-chained to the master keyboard via MIDI Thru (Thru to In, Thru to In etc.) and the PX-720 is at the very end of the daisy-chain. The manual states that you can select a MIDI channel for the PX-720 to send on (0-16) which I have done, but it is still sounding on all 16 channels, instead of just the channel I've set it to. I'm assuming there's something I'm not understanding about the way the PX-720 handles MIDI (perhaps its not designed to be used in this way?) or ... I don't fully understand how MIDI works, or ... there's something wrong with it. Can any one help me out? Cheers